HMD updates the update tracker for Nokia Android smartphones; AOSMark up to 2.0


Two days ago, on 11th February, Nokia Mobile updated their Update Tracker site for Nokia Android smartphones. The site offers users to see when the release of an update started for their device and is usually updated once a month. Going through the tracker I saw that most Nokia smartphones have the January patch, none the February 2019 patch, while some, like the 6.1 Plus have the December 2018 mentioned as last.

Keep in mind, there are different variants of Nokia phones that didn’t receive the latest update even though some variant of the same phone did. The best example for that is Nokia 6.1, where the 00WW_3_260 usually is up to date, the 00WW_2_22E is always a month of two behind, and that model seems to mostly be in the UK. Also, the site just says if a rollout started, so it might take some time until your device gets it because other factors like market regulations and carriers play a role too.

You can check the update tracker here.

Recently a site was created that ranked Android manufacturers in terms of their software support. We wrote about it in more details here. HMD made progress on that site improving their score from 1.82 to 2.0. The score basically means how many big updates will a phone receive on average during its lifetime. Google sits as No.1 with 3.5, followed by OnePlus at 2.75. Nokia Mobile is third. This ranking isn’t 100% accurate (and they admit that in the FAQ), because it’s hard to track an update and the changes manufacturers make. It might serve as an indicator which device to get if you software updates are high on your priority list.

You can check AOSMark here.