New Health Mate update removed the Puls Wave Velocity measurement from the app

A new version of the Health Mate app was released in Google Play Store and it brings just one small, but significant change. Actually, it removed Pulse Wave Velocity measurement that raised the concerns of regulatory agencies. Apparently, PWV measurement falls in a different class of regulatory approvals and Nokia should advertise Nokia Body cardio differently. That would probably raise the price of already pricey scale and lower the sales.

Starting from January 24, owners of Body cardio won’t be able to see that measurement on their scale and in health Mate app. The previous data will be retrievable trough .csv files, but no further PWV measurements will be possible to do. This move didn’t block the heart rate measurement, and all the other options are still functioning normally.


If you are proud owner of Body Cardio, will you return the scale or ask for the partial refund that Nokia is offering?