Nokia TA-1047 passed FCC certification. Could it be Nokia’s first 4G feature phone?

New Nokia device has just passed FCC tests. The device code is TA-1047 and it wasn’t seen before. The tests, that have been done in China, revealed some info about this phone. First of all, it is not referred as smartphone as many other Nokia phones like 6, 5… but as GSM/WCDMA/LTE Mobile Phone, like Nokia 3310 3G which is 3G mobile phone. Also, the dimensions of the phone (133×68) are a bit smaller than the smallest Nokia smartphone phone out there, and are a bit bigger than the classic feature phone. Maybe HMD is planning on introducing the feature phone with touch screen (diagonal is 140 mm)?


Second, it is interesting to see that this phone supports 4G but also has BT, WiFi and support for the VoLTE which is great feature that will provide this phone with some new market opportunities.

The label revealed it is going to be Dual SIM phone also but with the support for Dual SIM standby which means that two SIM cards can’t be used simultaneously.

Unfortunately, this phone won’t be available for the US market which is clearly stated in the cover letter. But, people there already have one great feature phone, Nokia 3310 3G ?.

Not much time will pass until we see this device since the certifications tests are done. It is still hard to tell when will this device be launched since HMD has been unpredictable and showed it doesn’t care much about showing its devices on some big events like IFA or CES.

Next year is going to be very interesting!