Rumors: Nokia 9 to have wireless charging, IP67 certificate, no headphone jack

The Nokia 9 seems to be right around the corner, considering how much information is circulating about the device online. Now, VTechgraphy reports that a known member of Nokibar Baidu forum in China, that previously posted true information about released devices, shared more information about Nokia 9. He confirmed that the device looks similar to the one depicted in cases on Amazon, and, unfortunately, there is no headphone jack on the Nokia 9.

Other information he shared are that HMD will embrace a technology Nokia used on their 2012 smartphones – wireless charging. The back of the device is glass, thus allowing wireless charging, but the source says that the glass HMD uses for Nokia 9 is better than the one of recent high end Samsung Galaxy devices. Additionally, Nokia 9 will also have an IP67 certificate, meaning that it will be completely dustproof and waterproof up to 1m deep.

If we have to guess, our money is on 30th November as the launch date of Nokia 9. On that day, Slush2017 kicks off and it seems to be a good place (Helsinki, Finland) to announce the best HMD can offer at the moment. Of course, all the info mentioned above should be treated as rumors. We will know the real stuff once HMD announces the device.

via: VTechgraphy

source: Baidu

  • No Headphone jack is just plain dumb on every phone out in the market new or old.
    I really wished HMD wouldn’t go that route but sadly here we are.

  • Stinger

    No headphone jack is going to be a tough sell. That’s a very risky move by HMD. I was hoping that the round cutout at the top of the case was for a 3.5mm jack. But I guess not, judging by the image and the rumours.

    • Agree, but maybe they will give us all kind of adapters (don’t believe they will put BT headset in the box).

      • Stinger

        I’m pretty sure Nokia will include some kind of adapter in the box. This is a really high end device, so making the customer feel special is a part of the experience.

        I’m not buying a Nokia 9, but I can’t wait to see what it’s like. 🙂

        • Romandi

          an adapter is no replacement to the real thing though, they easily get lost and you need to have it on you at all times it’s just not as nice

          this is disappointing to say the least

      • (͡o‿O͡)

        USB Type-C headphones does exist.

        • Yes, but if someone has good quality headphones with standard 3.5mm jack, he would definitely need an adapter…

          It will take some time to transfer everyone to USB C headphones.

          • (͡o‿O͡)

            Plus adapter then. Hopefully this is just rumors. 🙏

  • Romandi

    I’m so torn right now on the one hand I believe in voting with your wallet on the other hand I’ve been anticipating the n9 for ages might just opt for a v30 this year

  • simo simo

    Really considering a Nokia 9 if it’s released soon and comes to the U.S. My Note8 has been freezing up once every day or two lately. Unacceptable.

  • So now Nokia will simply follow the trend. Gone days of being a trendsetter? Let’s see how long will this last?

    • The change is inevitable. The real question is how long will be till the others turn everything to the USB-C.

      • Inevitable? Because they (Apple) are pushing for it?

        What if you wish to charge your phone while you listen to music?
        You have cars, music systems, PCs, gaming consoles. All of them feature headphone/aux port. And you’ll be just locked out if you buy headphones with a usb-c jack. Do you expect all of them to change from headphone jack to a type-c port just because phones don’t feature them anymore?

        Some things are better kept the way they are. USB C is coming up, that’s nice. But, it isn’t a replacement for every other port, is it?

        • I saw a guy traveling in metro having wired-headphones and playing movie via Pen-Drive using USB OTG.

          This is Convenience.

          • Ah.. That’s a perfect situation to prove how having the headphone jack is a must. Audio jack should remain the same and be a standard.

            No problem if they want people to use bluetooth or type-c headphones. Keep that option open, bundle BT or type-c headphones and also feature a headphone jack. Let people use whatever they wanna.

        • Not just because of Apple, but there is intent to put everything to one universal adapter and I think that 3.5mm just lost the battle. Unfortunately.
          I don’t mind it, but seems that it is much easier for manufacturers to achieve waterproofness without it (probably is cheaper without it).

          I hate the fact that top model cant have everything… I think there should be place for 3.5mm jack, FM transmitter, proper TV out (over 3.5 mm jack)… Nokia 701 looks more of a flagship than some flagships of today. It just had almost everything.

          • Stinger

            You are so right!

      • Rather than following Apple trend.. Companies should try and follow LG in this department.

        Be it Camera (Manual Control is probably most feature rich in both Photos and Videos) or Audio

        There isn’t any way to justify this “ditching the jack” trend.
        I hope all these companies who are dropping the jack as following the trend will get all new devices with USB C Port & be it the budget device or flagship.

  • safwan said

    Nokia 9 has a horrible look, nokia 8 has the best look you are ruining it i thought the nokia 9 will look better than nokia 8.the layout of the back of the phone is 8 is the best.

    • Where did you see Nokia 9? Did you hold and see the device in real life? First impressions? Tell us more

      • He didn´t see it, he said that looks good to him eventhough its on the skech.

        And by N9, he meant on Nokia N9, the design that Lumia phones will follow later.
        I mean, you know this already.

        • You have some confusion. hehe 🙂 Stipe hasn’t replied to me. He is replying to the person above me named “safwan said”. 🙂

        • Man, you know it’s undisputable that the Nokia N9 is the best designed phone ever 🙂 As @LoveNokia said below, was answering to the guy above :). Nokia 8 also didn’t seem impressive on renders (Nokia 5 look alike), but the real device looks great.

          • Nokia 9 is the most beautiful phone ever… As Apple has changed the world with its touch UI, Nokia changed the design of the phones with the Nokia N9.

            Anyway, Nokia 8 is a beautiful device. It does resemble to Nokia 5, but when you take it in your hand it is totally different, more sleek, and has thinner body lines.

          • You mean Nokia N9?

          • Who knows, we could see in the next gen Nokia devices similar design language 🙂

    • Design is subjective and to me Nokia 9 looks stunning even in the above sketch. Just look at the screen. It doesn’t look narrow and long like many 18:9 displays. I like this design. Its minimalist.

      Still, I feel nothing can beat N9 and many other flagship “Nokia” Lumias in terms of design. Plz bring those colors back HMD 🙂

  • Stinger

    I wonder if Nokia/HMD reads these comments.

  • John

    I don’t really care if there’s no headphone jack as I have been using an iPhone 7 lately and I haven’t needed a headphone jack yet cause I use bluetooth headphones. I am concerned about the battery size though and I hope the screen is amoled for those perfect blacks.

    • Well, I would say that i could live without the 3.5 mm jack and go with the adapter, but there are people that are constantly using headsets for many purposes and they would mind using another mini cable that they can eventually lose it.

      battery should go above 3500 mAh, but dont think that will be the case since the screen is small and 3000 mAh battery can hold that

  • Eagerly waiting for the phone. But with their recent mobile releases i think the phone will reach the market in Q1 end of next year not this year

  • johala02

    I dont like the edge display similar that Samsung got. Prefeer a flat screen. But we will see when the real device will be launched.

  • surethom

    Please have a flat screen, I am using the s7 edge & I really don’t like the edge design it reflects the light way to much.