Nokia TA-1520 will be globally available as TA-1484

Judging by the number of certifications coming from various organisations, Nokia Mobile is ready to announce new global smartphones. The latest smartphone to get certified by FCC is TA-1484 which is actually the TA-1520 or Nokia C100 meant for the North American market. Nokia Mobile asked for the identification change which suggests that TA-1520 will be coming globally as TA-1484. The specs of this phone variant, as well as the test results, are the same as for TA-1520 according to the certification.

Nokia Mobile hasn’t revealed all the specs of the Nokia C100 in the January announcement, so we don’t know if the models will differ in hardware, but the design should be the same. This model is going to be an affordable one, something for folks that don’t need a proper and agile smartphone but like to use smartphone apps on-screen larger than what current KaiOS phones can offer. It could be named C11 as some previous leaks suggested.

The exact date of the announcement isn’t known, but this all points out on MWC which is going to be held in Barcelona this year. Due to Covid and previous engagements, we’ll be missing Barcelona for the first time in 5 years. This event is one of the biggest in the mobile phone industry and a great chance to talk with all the smartphone manufacturers in one place. Also, you get to meet tech journalists and Youtubers which is always fun.


By the way, is this Comic sans being used in the FCC certificate or I went back in time?

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