Rumor: Nokia 9.3 coming with OIS

Nokia 9 PureView brought a new way of smartphone photography to the business. The computational photography was a pretty bold move for such a small startup, but since that startup is bringing the Nokia brand back to the game, it was a needed move.Anyway, while Nokia 9 PV can take very detailed and sharp photos, the phone is rather bad in video recording. According to Nokia Anew, Nokia 9.3 should be coming with OIS, or Optical Imaging Stabilization, which should improve the stability of the video recordings.

Nokia Anew is a reliable source of Nokia related information, but there is still a chance that Nokia Mobile changes the development of Nokia 9.3, or whatever that phone will be called.
The next Nokia 9 should be coming with OIS, and this move by Nokia Mobile is welcomed. Now we are waiting for the first leaks of the camera module to see how it is going to look like, or if there will be a dedicated camera with OIS next to B&W and RGB cameras if Nokia Mobile is pursuing this arrangement of camera sensors.