Is #Nokia 7 being teased by HMD China?!*UPDATED*

Update: More indications of Nokia 7 launch in China this week.

#Nokia 7 coming this week with ZEISS optics?!

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On October 19th, HMD Global is holding a local event in China where the company is expected to announce new devices for the Chinese market. Last month, two devices with model numbers TA-1041 and TA-1042 were certified in China, so it is reasonable to assume that HMD will announce two devices this week. Because both devices support Quick Charge, as shows CCC certifications, the devices probably belong to the mid range or high range category. The most possible solution could be that HMD will announce Nokia 8 with 4GB RAM and 6GB for the Chinese market.

On the other hand, the latest teaser image that was found by VTechgraphy on the front page of Nokia’s exclusive TMall online store in China could suggest otherwise. Those that speak Chinese probably noticed in the image above an interesting choice of words by HMD. The letters “qi” that can be seen in the image mean (when standalone) seven (7) in Chinese, and there is also an OZO camera shadow in the background. The text on the phone says “A new Nokia device coming in 3 days”.

Nokia China press invitation (by ITHome)

The usage of “qi” in a way that is easily visible could be a teaser for the rumored Nokia 7. The latest rumors mention three configurations of Nokia 7 – with 3GB + 32GB, 4GB +32GB, and 4GB RAM +64GB of internal storage, all with Snapdragon 630. The phone is rumored to support OZO Audio (from the teaser image above) and “bothie”/Dual-sight function. But, as always, these are rumors and the real device could come with different specifications.

Of course, it could be that HMD used “qi” without any connotation to an unannounced device, and on the 19th we could just see the Nokia 8 in two variants. Let’s wait and see. Tell us your thoughts down below. 🙂

Via: VTechgraphy

Source: Nokia TMall Store

  • Stinger

    That would be AWESOME if the 7 launches this week. Is Qi charging always spelled with a capital “Q”? I’m not familiar with quick charging at all, so I’m just asking. If “qi” isn’t used by itself could it have other meanings?

    I can’t wait to see the Nokia 7. I really think it could be their top seller. Launch those fancy accessories for the 7 too HMD!

    • Yep, Qi charging is capital Q. It’s probably a part of a word when not standalone, but there is a chinese symbol for “qi” written in latin. No need to use it unless sending some message, or trolling. 🙂
      Also, if we see the 7 this week, this rumor will be false

      • Stinger

        Oh yes! The 2018 rumour. Hmmm. I’m inclined to believe the 2018 rumour actually. HMD probably has their hands full updating 4 devices and keeping up with demand. Launching 2 devices within 3 months of each other might be a stretch.

  • Michael

    well ran the image through google translate app. it recognized the characters l未见人声临其境l that translated as “no human being”. haha. not very helpful.

    Taken separately and together on each line
    未见 Not seen
    人 people
    未见人 No Man
    声 Sound
    临 Pro
    其 its
    境 territory
    声临其境 Be in Vain
    although 临其境 translates as “the voice of its” so maybe “The voice of its territory?”

    also what is the big 3 over the phone?

    距Nokia新产品发布 translates to “New product release from Nokia” and the 大 means big

    kind of with Stinger. strange to spell out 7 as “qi” and not 七 or even just 7.

    haha…thats all I got…basically nothing.

    Guess we will know soon enough.

    • Michael

      that Google translate app is pretty cool by the way. Give it a try on that image and you will see what I mean.

    • GTranslate doesn’t help much :), as you proved. Yep, that’s what I concluded. Why write “qi” when you can use the symbol 七. Interesting teasing if true 🙂

  • And today Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 636..Some 40% better over SD630
    ALSO Claiming 5g to be consumer ready in 2019

    • Hemedans

      All SD 62x and 63x are powerfull enough for targeted market, what matter is efficiency.

      Even if they clock high cortex A53 wont reach performance of cortex A72/A73,

      If someone want good performance he/she will buy sd 65x and 66x device, if want good battery life will buy sd 62x, 63x.

      • Yes, the ones demanding power will probably lean on 8XX or Higher end 6XX chipset
        I was just stating that today Qualcomm announced it.

  • Lawrence Jerome Braganza

    Its just Nokia 8 variants as I believe new phones will come only next year..Nokia 2,7 and 9 but yes really excited to wait for 7 and 9…

  • d@__@b
    • Could be that too if considering that Wallpaper
      OZO related things ?

      Nokia 8 China Launch
      Nokia 2 maybe?

    • Amazing. Great you noticed. The same wallpaper on the invitation and the render 🙂 Gives credibility to the render. Still doesn’t mean we will see a 2 (or a 7) on the 19th…

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  • Miroslav Naď

    Tešíme sa ja na SLOVENSKU 🙂