Two unknown #Nokia smartphones certified in #China (TA-1041, TA-1042)

The independent certification agency CCC or China Compulsory Certification certified two new, unknown Nokia smartphones under the model numbers TA-1041 and TA-1042 for the Chinese market. Both devices support quick charge, and apart from the model number, it’s the only thing we know.

At the moment, only Nokia 8 in HMD’s lineup of smartphones supports Quick Charge or fast charging. If we go down the speculation road, we could say that one device could be a Nokia 8 variant for China that will come without Google Play store preinstalled, and the other device could be a mid or higher end smartphone that supports quick charge. At the moment, the only devices that could fit in HMD’s nomenclature scheme are the Nokia 7 or Nokia 9. Of course, it could also be another Nokia 8 variant and not a new device.


A well known tech report Roland Quandt that runs is certain that HMD is working on another Nokia smartphone alongside with the Nokia 2 and that it is “coming soon”. That smartphone could be the Nokia 7, or maybe the Nokia 9. We didn’t hear a lot about Nokia 7 for a long time. A few months ago Nokia smartphones running Snapdragon 630 and 660 appeared on Geekbench, suggesting that HMD is working on a midranger. Both, the 630 and 660 support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.

All in all, HMD keeps working on new Devices and that’s a greet thing for us customers. The first device that we could see after the Nokia 8, could be the Nokia 2. Evleaks recently leaked an alleged render of the Nokia 2, that shows October the 5th as the date on the phone, that could also be the launch date, unless HMD postpones it.


  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    I genuinely hope the Nokia 9 is something on the lines of the LG G6 and V30 mixed with a little Nokia magic to make it a world-class flagship.

    Optimal size would be
    Less that 155 mm, less that 75 mm, and between 7-8.4 mm.

    I’d hope for a phone size of 151×72×7.2 (give or take ± 1-2mm in width and height), and packing a 5.7-5.8 AMOLED screen.

    At this size, it will fit in a car’s cup holder, it will fit in the hand comfortably, and it will fit in the pockets of our pants and slacks and shorts, without poking out or slipping out when we sit down.

    I don’t understand how Nokia could have had Nokia sleeping screen and other passive screensavers (on the Nokia E71x back about 13 years ago) but in 2017, only the Nokia 8 could support this always on display thing for a maximum of 20 minutes. Why? Why!!! This doesn’t make sense! My Nokia N8 had this in 2010!

    Now LG and Samsung and other companies are incorporating this in all their phones. How can Nokia let this feature not be available in all their handsets? Just doesn’t make sense!

    Nokia phones had things that could do things and had things other phones didn’t have, and couldn’t do. I really think Nokia needs to set itself apart and wow us with amazing memorable devices that will carry it’s legacy into the next generation of people who love and buy and cherish Nokia products!

    • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

      Im a bit sceptical that HMD could get even close to what Nokia was. They’ve clearly stated that vanilla android is (currently) the way to go. And it makes a lot of sense. They dont have the muscles either for hw side R&D. Ofcourse they can benefit from others’ work such as Nokia, Zeiss and even Foxconn. I doubt that Nokia puts much emphasis on mobile device related R&D. Something may come from Ozo biz. So far there has been nothing from the Digital Health business and Im disappointed in that. Hopefully some health stuff would come from Nokia to HMD. I highly doubt that there will be much software side innovation outside Google for HMD.

      If there will be new device categories in the future, then it will be Nokia, who will do the push.

    • asd

      This is a bit of a sidestep,but that sleeping screen thing is something I’ve also thought about. I really liked the old transflective screens that you could see even without backlight (e.g E71), but then again I like tech that has been deemed obsolete by phone industry, such as actual keyboards and resistive screens. If you’re interested, there’s a good article about reasons transflective screens went out of style, “What happened to transflective displays?” By Jason Lomberg at ECNmag.
      OLED would be a good screen technology for sleeping screen, as used By N9, but for some reason they are still waiting to really become popular.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Wonderful article.
        I read that and read a lot of other info on those screens. Very interesting and informative.
        Since Nokia is allowing hmd to make phones with their name on it, I think Nokia should tell hmd to incorporate this transflective screen in all these millions of (outdated) LCD screens they are using. That way, there will be no battery used to show time or missed calls or texts, even though the screen is completely off…

        That way, for the short term, Nokia could still allow hmd to use these (outdated) LCD screens.

        Once Nokia makes a substantial amount of money from LG, they can once again go back to using high end AMOLED like screens (LG calls it p OLED – which is essentially the same thing as the AMOLED screens Nokia used on the N8 and 808 , from Samsung)

        Bottom line, AMOLED is the way to go – battery efficiency, color reproduction, sun light legibility, capabilities of always on display, augmented reality, etc.

        For anyone who desires to proclaim (outdated) LCD has any superiority over AMOLED, (except for that one Sony technology), I’m willing to thoroughly and methodically explain in full detail why LCD is garbage!

        From high end cars, to TV’s to cell phones to watches, to other forms of panels and displays, AMOLED is far superior to LCD in every way!

        And once micro led comes out, with apple strongly pushing for it, this whole denial that LCD is viable will be forgotten.

        Believe it…

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