Video: Unboxing of the Nokia 8 (Recombu)

After many of the portals published their hands-on videos of the HMD’s first Android top model Nokia 8, Recombu did the unboxing. The box is similar to those of the Nokia 6, 5 and 3, with characteristic handshake framed with the Nokia 8 itself. At first you can’t see that it is the 8, but you know that it is a Nokia phone. Again, you can’t know what is the colour of the device in the box since nothing gives it up. Maybe HMD could have printed the Nokia 8 on the side of the box in the colour of the phone. I loved to see ZEISS logo printed on the back of the box. It reminded me on the glory days 😊

Inside the box there is manual, pin to open the SIM and microSD tray, charger and decent quality in-ear phones with additional earbuds of different sizes. Of course, there is the phone also 😊.


It is funny that the first image to see when you start the Nokia 8 is powered by android, and then the iconic Nokia logo comes with the Nokia Tune.


Check out the video below:


Hvala Gagi na podsjetniku 🙂

  • Random thought :-

    Nokia the one that owns OZO should not let other OEMS use the tech in return for payments, it should be exclusive for HMD Nokia Phones.

    • Stinger

      I hope that’s their plan!

    • But OZO is a business for Nokia tech. In the end they are only earning small royalty payments for the sale of Nokia branded phones. OZO is more of Nokia’s main business rather than the phones.

      Keeping it limited might not be a profitable way. Just like the Nokia Maps which kinda failed. Had they made them open and available to all like the Google Maps, Nokia might have had the world’s largest map and location database rn.

      • But here the thing is about brand.
        For me Nokia 8 have the only distinctive feature is OZO Audio & if most OEMs start getting it on their phones, the exclusivity will die.

        • But Nokia Tech will have a lot of sales and income. That’s what they would care about more 🙂

          • Agree, but I feel like it’ll take away the little charm from new Nokia Phones

        • Don’t worry, They won’t make OZO Audio available to other “smartphone manufacturers” as of now.
          @singhnsk:disqus is correct. At the end of the day its all about business and profits. 🙂
          Event at launch they said this is the words 1st smartphone to feature OZO Audio. They didn’t say OZO Audio is exclusive to Nokia phones. 🙂

          • They actually openly say that it is now available to all smartphone makers, but depends on who wants to use it :p

  • Stinger

    Really nice video. Nice to see how much attention the 8 is getting on YouTube.

  • Hemedans

    5.3 Quad HD display means more ppi, perfect for VR, with cooling like that, i got feeling maybe HMD will suprise us some VR features?

    current phone they cant even play full movie without being too Hot.

    • AMOLED Display would’ve made it DayDream ready & the sort of Glance Screen that made come back would’ve looked better
      Even the Lumia 735 had OLED

      • Muerte

        Many companies have had problems with (AM)OLED displays. One can’t say that IPS LCD is all bad.

        • Not saying IPS LCD is bad, just that AMOLED would’ve added an extra worthy punch to Nokia 8

    • Current Nokia smartphones have heating issues?

      • Hemedans

        current VR phones like samsung devices with Gear VR. they overheat in 10 minutes of watching video.

        • I thought Nokia 6 has heating issues in normal usage.
          I don’t like VR it makes my brain go round and round LOL 😛

    • mt

      no OLED = no VR basically.

      • Hemedans

        Blue phase?