Nokia Mobile sharing bits of its upcoming tablet

Something has changed in the new product marketing policy of Nokia Mobile. The Finnish start-up started intentionally leaking bits and parts of new products, like many other companies, are doing to create hype before the announcement. In the recent social media post, Nokia Mobile showed a bit of its new product or Nokia tablet which many have been waiting for since 2017 when HMD Global came to the smartphone business scene as a licensee of Nokia brand for phones and tablets.

The tablet market wasn’t very profitable in the past four or five years, and besides that, the market was dominated by Samsung and Apple. The market peaked in shipments in 2014, and since then it was on a constant decline year over year till the 2020. The COVID pandemics change everything. People started buying tablets again since they proved to be useful for Zoom or MS Teams meetings. Tablets were useful especially for students that could now easily listen to classes without the need of carrying heavy laptops.

Many companies that forgot about tablets, like Xiaomi or Lenovo, announced them just recently, and it seems that it is time for Nokia Mobile to do the same. In the released photo, Nokia Mobile is sharing a tiny bit of their tablet that shares the same rounded edges as their recently announced phones, and it might be also sharing a metal body as XR20. Nothing else can be seen from the photo except maybe the shape of 2D glass or a plastic frame that surrounds the display. It does look like Xiaomi Pad 5, and it might be close to 250 mm high.

While the design of the tablet might not pose a big problem, the use of a UNISOC processor might. Geekbench testing did reveal that T20 might be using an octa-core Unisoc processor, with all the cores clocked at 1.82 GHz, and have a Mali G52 as the GPU. I kind of hoped it would be coming with SD480 as almost all decent looking Nokia phones are these days, but since the market for affordable tablets isn’t so crowded, UNISOC might be the processor of choice.

Anyways, the last time we saw a Nokia tablet was in the end of 2014 when Nokia N1 was announced at Slush, and that one didn’t have a processor that many others did. Well, maybe this tablet will be better tuned… But, whatever processor Nokia Mobile uses for T20, I’m glad to see them expanding the ecosystem of Nokia devices. Maybe we’ll be seeing T50 or T100 next year. I just hope they don’t announce T-1000.

New Nokia tablet is coming on October 6, 2021.