Rumors: Sketch of #Nokia 2 (by Nokibar)

Well known source of Nokia news @nokibar posted on Twitter an alleged sketch of Nokia 2, that was found on his Baidu forums. The Nokia 2 is sketched alongside Nokia 3, and there is no way to confirm if the sketch is real.

The user who posted the sketch mentions Snapdragon 210 or 212 as the processor, adding that the phone take clues from Nokia Lumia 620 in terms of the design.

Today, there were indications that HMD might announce the Nokia 8, but so far nothing has happened. We are still waiting for the flagship, and also for the broader availability of Nokia 3, 5 and 6. Yesterday HMD made headlines by departing ways with its former CEO Arto Nummela. Reason for Arto leaving were not given. Florian Seiche will take the role of the new CEO, alongside being the President of HMD.

Source: Baidu