Nokia 9 PureView in three variants passes Bluetooth SIG (TA-1094, TA-1087, TA-1082)

As the rumored announcement period of Nokia 9 PureView is getting closer, and that’s early 2019, more rumors and leaks about the device will start to get out to the internet. We already saw a real-life photo of Nokia 9’s backside, that should carry the penta-lens camera setup some time ago. With the leak of that photo, the rumor appeared that HMD postponed the announcement of Nokia 9 PurView to early 2019 and also cancelled a second “smaller brother” flagship to the Nokia 9 PureView, that was also rumored to feature a penta-lens setup and Snapdragon 845.

Today, on 19th December 2018, an unknown Nokia phone passed Bluetooth SIG. The certification shows the device uses Bluetooth 5.0 and comes in three variants – TA-1094, TA-1087 and TA-1082. The model number TA-1094 can clearly be seen on the leaked real-life photo of Nokia 9, so it safe to assume that all three variants are the upcoming cameraphone from HMD, that we call Nokia 9 PureView, but it might have a different commercial name in the end.

Nokia 9 backside

It’s interesting that Nokia TA-1087 was certified in Russia in July, which suggest that HMD’s has been long working on the Nokia phone with a penta-lens camera setup. As we already know, Qualcomm announced the new Snapdragon 855, while the Nokia 9 PureView is rumored to come with Snapdragon 845, which will be a minus compared to other 2019 flagships from competitors, that will most certainly use the Snap 855 right from the start.

The 9 has been long in development, so changing the SoC and postponing the device another half a year until everything is adjusted to new hardware isn’t a good option in my opinion. If HMD really has a phone with the best camera on the market, then a last gen SoC won’t do much damage if other parts of the device, the price and marketing are done right. No one really remembers what SoC Nokia 808 or Lumia 1020 used and how it compared to a some other processors, but the main selling point was the camera. That doesn’t mean that a flagship with Snapdragon 855 shouldn’t be on the roadmap.

Source: BT SIG