Attractive prices for Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in #India. Available starting this week

On a second press event in India, HMD Global officially unveiled the pricing and availability dates for the “newly” announced Nokia smartphones, the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. The event started at 12pm IST, that’s 8:30am CET. Down below, you can take a look at the prices and dates of the sales start of Nokia smartphones for the Indian market.

  • Nokia 3 – Available offline starting June 16 for Rs. 9,499 (€131, 147$)
  • Nokia 5 – Available offline starting July 7 for Rs. 12,899 (€178, 200$)
  • Nokia 6 – Available online as an Amazon exclusive starting July 14 and will be sold via flash sales for Rs. 14,999 (€207, 232$)

It’s obvious that HMD broke his promise of getting the phones out before the end of Q2, but maybe the good pricing for India could compensate for that. Additionally, HMD already started a TV marketing campaign for the new phones and Internet ad campaign for the 3310, that’s already on sale there for Rs. 3310 or €47.

via: NPU

  • Viccky maurya

    They have ruined all excitements by delaying so much. I wished that all phones shall be available by 14-15th june. This is very irritative.

    • Michael

      Honestly, this reminds me of the Nokia of old (pre-Microsoft). Always late but then one of the articles I read some time back had a quote from Nokia saying development lead times for new Symbian phones was somewhere around 22 months which was one of the reasons they SC’d the OS.

      Giving HMD a pass on this first round since they really have gotten up to speed pretty quick IMO. Let’s hope the delay was to ensure QC was top-notch. Being out quick with an unreliable, overheating, whatever product would be much worse than being a tad late with a great and reliable product.

      • Viccky maurya

        Yes… This reminds me Note7… Haha …

      • Could the reason for the delay be the fact that the phones sold in India will also be manufactured in India? Folks on Twitter say the the whole lineup is made in India. @@disqus_Fwhc13VCQT:disqus @v@vicckymaurya:disqus

        • Viccky maurya

          Yes… This is the biggest reason for delay…

          • Then, that’s not a bad thing to wait a little longer considering the economic benefit and less expensive device, because of no transport costs or import fees 🙂

          • Michael

            And hey..delayed gratification isn’t always a bad thing.

          • Viccky maurya

            Ufff… Atleast finally we have price and availabilty details… It itself a great relief to me

          • Actually even the person who is willing to buy Nokia 5 might buy a Nokia 6. 🙂 The reason: Amazon is offering 1k cashback if we make payment by using amazon pay balance(amazon wallet kind of) then the price of the Nokia 6 comes down to 14k just 1.2k more than the Nokia 5. 😛 And in that 1k i’ll buy an Amzer Dual Layer Hybrid Case and still have Rs.400 more to use. 😛

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes. This made me to re think that should i buy 5 or 6??

          • Go for 6 bro 🙂 Have you activated Prime yet?

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes…. But i want 2 sims and sd card at same time. And i dont like 6’s camera bump.

          • same problem for me but i will survive with it 😛 Using Nokia Lumia 1320 with JIO and my primary number is in Nokia 114 LOL

          • Only IF you are an Amazon Prime member.

          • LoveNokia

            Yup 😊

          • High-five lol

        • Yes, all the phones will be made in India 🙂

        • @stipe1906:disqus do you like copper more or the silver that you have? I am starting to like the copper variant the reason being it doesn’t have black borders around the camera like silver Nokia 6 🙂 😛

          • and Yes! they also promoted the #MakeInIndia campaign in the event about which i was saying few days ago 🙂

          • Copper looks good on pictures. Silver looks great in real life. Need to see both to judge, but copper is unique and stands out. :

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes i m also in dilemma Regarding colour

          • haha

        • Nokia Care is back in India. 🙂

        • This is great info which i got. 🙂 Nokia tablet is coming soon too in future. 🙂

          • They got the license for phones and tablets. The N1 with updates specs would be enough for an Android tablet 🙂

          • How about something over Android? Sailfish OS/Windows 10

          • Windows 10 would be great, but they said Android smartphones and tablets, so I guess it will be on Android

          • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

            In an article on a Finnish newspaper a HMD representative commented that tablets are not in their short term plans. “It is impossible to make money with tablets” and “it is a shrinking product category”

          • True, but when the company announced their existence back in May (or April) 2016, they said they have the license to use the Nokia brand on Android smartphones and tablets. I agree with the representative, it’s better not to enter the tablet market, at least for now.

          • Rocky

            Yes, since smartphone size almost similiar to a 7 inch tablet, and even iPad sales also shrinking

          • The only growing category (or the fastest one) is 2in1 and detachables (Windows powered), but most analysts don’t view them as tablets.

          • But they are tablets. Just detach the keyboard and they become a tablet LOL. These analysts just want to make new categories LOL 😛

          • Rocky

            Maybe because detachable main function is replacing laptop 🙂

          • Yes, and tablet, too. 🙂

          • Android Tablet market is shrinking. But, Windows is much better. 🙂 But for now they will stay with Phones. I agree. 🙂

          • Mistaken, bud.Windows tablets are even more useless than Android tablets.

            I have a convertible Windows tablet with a keyboard option. And it is just so useless. Windows on touch makes no sense. Tablets are mostly for games and videos, fails in both areas.

          • As a tablet OS, Windows is bad, but as a laptop with touch it’s quite good. At least for me, owning a Yoga 510.

          • What do you typically use that ‘touch’ for when you have the KB and the mouse?
            Mine has it and the touch is just a pain.

          • Mostly for reading PDFs and zooming.

          • I’d rather keep my wireless mouse than messing up with a touch based laptop. Touch in a laptop never interested me.

            And after owing a detachable device, I never wanna use a touch with Windows. It’s of no use. The keyboard doesn’t open automatically for the desktop apps and that’s what kills it. If I wanna type in Firefox, I need to keep pulling out the keyboard manually.

          • I bought it mostly because I need a PDF reader and a decent laptop, and cheap Android tablets aren’t my thing. 🙂

          • How about swiping your finger on the touchpad instead? Gestures work wonderfully well there. So why extend your arm to reach the screen? 😀
            Sorry if I’m dragging too much, but I just have no liking for touchscreen with Windows. I’m eying the HP Omen gaming laptop, priced at 80k (INR). And there’s a reason why HP decided to not include a touchscreen even at that price point. Microsoft is trying a lot, but it’s still not there. Everybody uses desktop apps which are not at all friendly to touchscreens.

          • But it’s nicer to put Yoga into tablet or tent mode and use the touch screen, at least to me. 🙂 I agree about the unfriendliness, but as said, for my needs the Yoga is fine.

          • Viccky maurya

            Any source??

          • Just hints that i got from the interview. Check out gadgetstouse.

        • I am currently watching Mr. Ajey Mehta’s recent interview in Hindi and I can say that we are in for many surprises from Nokia Mobile 🙂 I am getting lot of hints from the interview LOL 🙂 He said “If you remember Nokia had once launched a 41MP camera phone too.” so “We will be investing very heavily in superior imaging technologies.”

    • They are still stating up. I’d forgive them for this time. This is their first launch under new leadership and making it global takes time. Hopefully the future launches will be much faster.

      • Viccky maurya

        Yes… Thats why they did not launch flagships in MWC. Anyway I m looking forward to July.

  • I believe that Nokia 6 will be sold offline as well besides being an Amazon exclusive product.
    I might pick up the Nokia 6. Still a month to go 🙂

    • Me too 🙂 BTW which color are you looking for? Any favourite?

      • Blue probably. Or the copper. However, I doubt Nokia will throw color options in a flash sale, especially the one happening on Amazon.
        And I’m also wishing on the Nokia 9 becoming more real. I need that 😐

        • IMO they will have all colours on sale. 😊 The xiaomi redmi 4A is available in both colors during flash sales on amazon so I think we will get some colours at least. 😉 My father loved the copper variant of Nokia 6 and I hope it goes on sale that day 😜 Hope the flash sale starts at 12AM and not 12PM. 😜

          • The business point-of-view says 12PM is the better time. However, I feel 9AM or 9PM will be a good time to target the buyers.

          • Yes 9AM or 9PM is good too. But I prefer mid nights because the chances increaseas many go to sleep lol😂

  • Gourav

    flash sales. really?
    picking up G5 plus now

    • Don’t buy g5 plus. The flash sale is on so i believe that i will get the phone. 🙂 You just need to put the phone in cart and then you have 15mins to check out unlike flipkart 🙂

      • I thought you were the one having all sort of problems with the flash sale model. Now all cool? :p

        • LoveNokia

          Not cool at all. 😞 But the flash sales on amazon are a bit better because if you are successful in adding the product to cart you have 15mins of time to check out unlike flipkart where the product goes out of stock till the time you check out. And amazon has a proper product page and when the product goes for sale during flash sales on amazon you can see them in lightening deals section and you can be ready to hit that add to cart button as soon as it appears. 😊 I still believe that flash sales are worse but can’t do anything about this. 😞 IMO Nokia 6 and 5 haven’t entered production yet/just entered production. Hence, the delay in availability. They are manufacturing it in India as you know. The demo units of Nokia 6 in yesterday’s event were made in China and not in India.

          • Are you a fake LoveNokia? :p Why in guest mode? 😀
            Xiaomi too sells a lot of its phones via flash sale on Amazon. You were having serious problems about their business model 😛 It’s actually better. They take out the product before the demand goes down and price of it would start felling down. So, the product life cycle is short. This can only be done in a flash sale model. You sell off everything that you have manufactured = no inventory costs = no discounts to clear up excess stocks when the demand has settled.

            However, for Nokia it will be exactly opposite. Because they aren’t going to simply discontinue the Nokia 6 after a few months. The prices will come down with reduction in demand, some fans will cry that Nokia’s resale value is bad because the phone’s official price has reduced. That’s kinda a bad thing. And that will show the amount of margins that Nokia is keeping in there. By far the most expensive Snapdragon 430 phone (that I know) is the Nokia 6. Not saying that it is bad, but it certainly carries a big margin. I’ll still hope that Nokia will do some sort of price controlling. The OnePlus 3 that I own still costs (might fall a bit after 5 is in) the same Rs. 28k after almost an year. That gives me an opportunity to sell it for a better price. Now imagine if the official price of OnePlus 3 was reduced to say.. 22k.. I would get a much lesser resale value for the same.

            They are just manufacturing it slow, for a reason beyond my understanding. They had MONTHS. The partnership with Foxconn was already in place. Foxconn has the resources to manufacture much larger quantities. So, if they really wanted to start manufacturing they could’ve done that a lot sooner. And it is not an India specific issue. They are proposing a future availability date in all the countries that they are announcing the phone right now. Some sooner, some a little later 😀 We still do not know if it is the whole manufacturing that will take place in India, or it will be just the Xiaomi way – Manufactured in China, Assembled in India, tagged as ‘Made in India’ for those crazy ‘deshbhakts’ out there.

          • No! It was not a fake LoveNokia LOL. It was me. Actually I was typing from my phone and then realised that I was automatically logged out. This happens frequently on my WP8.1 😜. And as I was travelling in a bus at that time I didn’t want to type my password in front of so many people so I posted as guest😜
            WOW I never thought about flash sales that way man. You are right about the inventory management, demand and price. 😊 Never thought that way.
            Nokia 6 is not the costliest phone with such specs. Even Samsung overpriced their On Nxt with exynos processor which is almost similar to SD430.
            Yes the price will go down on a latter date but only when the successor to Nokia 6 arrives IMO. My sis recently purchased C9 Pro for 37k and now the price went down to 32k LOL. Its been just 1 month she purchased the phone. Actually every Samsung phones get a massive price cut within 3-4 months of their launch. Now she is disappointed.

          • Thank you! Actually, Samsung’s price management is the worst, it has always been like that. The more premium Samsung phone = the bigger price cuts it will receive. It is unfair to charge leaps from a fan who always wants to have the latest from you. Initial buyers should actually be given offers, not a high price lol

            Offline market and multi-level partners have margins. You need wholesellers, then distributors and then the retail stores. There are margins at all levels. However, companies need to ensure that these people do not try to sell more by passing on their margins to the customers. It is good for the customers, but bad since it affects the market price of the commodities.

            A similar thing started happening with Apple. Retail stores were complaining because the phones were available a lot cheaper online. Apple acted on it and now there is not a big difference between buying an Apple online vs offline (except for special sales).

            BTW, I dun complain the specs of the Nokia 6 (I still wish it had a 6XX lol). They are fine, maybe I’m just ruined by the Chinese players. It’s not bad to sell SD4xx at 15k, SD6xx at 25k, SD8xx at 35k. If that happens lol. HMD said they want to have products in both categories – affordable flagship (OnePlus type segment) and the premium flagship (S8, G6 segment).

          • Did you see latest Samsung galaxy J7 Max?? Its priced at 17k and comes with a mediatek processor lol😂 This is way overpriced IMO. The display is not even LCD. Its a TFT panel lol.

          • Viccky maurya

            Ye, i saw that in noon. When Shamesung uses Mediatek then no one will complain about it but if Nokia does the same then evwryone starts to loose their mind and complain about it.

          • I agree 😁😜 I hope technical guruji will speak about it tonight lol

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes… I think ,he has already spoken about it. I will watch it tonight.

          • Oh yeah he uploaded it in afternoon lol i forgot 😜

          • Rocky

            In Indonesia, BlackBerry Aurora with Snapdragon 425, plastic build, even more expensive than Nokia 6 price. And that’s not even TCL , there are company that specific making BlackBerry in Indonesia

          • Ah? Ins’t all of Blackberry’s phone business being handled by TCL now? :/
            Blackberry is so irrelevant that I did not even think of it lol

          • No. There are multiple companies who have partnered with blackberry to use their name. 😊 Its a win win for BB.😜

          • Rocky

            Yes, except Indonesia which is handled by a company PT BB Merah Putih. Even BBM now under PT Emtek, media company in Indonesia

          • Viccky maurya

            The biggest headache is that July 14th is still Registration Date for N6..and July 7th is Pre Order date for N5. Dont know when they shall be in our hands….. 🙁

          • No. Nokia 6 will go on sale on 16th July 😊

          • Viccky maurya

            R u sure?? Any source???

  • Couldn’t win the #MakeSnake 🙁

  • Viccky maurya

    Does anyone know about Nokia 5 pre order details? Where can i pre order them on 7th July?

    • In the stores buddy. I guess the Croma stores.

    • You are going for Nokia 5??

      • Viccky maurya

        May be… Chances are 70% for 5 and 30% for N6… I find N5 more compact and stylish than N6. There should be a 3GB/32GB variant of N5. And yes, offer on Nokia 6 is far more attractive…

        • Yes, Nokia 5 is more compact but just .3mm more and you get a 1080p screen Dolby atmos, dual speakers, 16MP PDAF camera. Yes,the Nokia 5 will be much more comfortable to hold but then you will also end up buying a case 😜

          • Viccky maurya

            I may ignore all things but that hybrid slot makes me cry…

          • For that hybrid slot you get an inbuilt 32gigs of storage. 25gb free space

          • On my 6, system takes 9GB and Google apps take like one more, so there are 22GB of storage on the 6.

          • Ok then 22GB LOL 😛

          • Viccky maurya

            Dont make me greedy… 😊 and do u think that N5 is not that much durable and strong as N6?

          • No. I don’t think Nokia 5 is less durable as its made from the same 6000 series aluminium slab 😊. Its just that I want you to get a better value for money 😊

  • @stipe1906 @marin is this the article which has the most comments on 😜😂

    • Viccky maurya

      Hope so….😂

    • Yes, and that’s good as long as we stay on topic or at least somehow connected to it, and so far we are 🙂

      • haha…

      • Yes guys, please stay on topic because for anyone new it is hard to follow. Comment important and relevant stuff. Cheers!

  • Viccky maurya

    How many of you do know that PV Sindhu is Brand Ambassador for Nokia(Hmd)?

  • Just noticed that the packaging of Nokia 3310 in UK is so much different than in India. I love the packaging of UK 🙂 Wish they did the same for India 🙂

    • Viccky maurya

      Can u upload the pic of package?

      • check out geekyranjit’s channel he imported it from UK. The box is huge and then inside it you get a normal box of Nokia 3310
        that we get in India 🙂

        • Viccky maurya

          Hahaha…. I saw that..

  • The box of Nokia 3 looks so beautiful 🙂

    • At least give us a link :/

      • Viccky maurya

        @LoveNokia yes, even i liked the box of N3 , it is much better than box of N6. @Stipe1906 here is the link but u wont understand what the guy is speaking… –

        • Wow, the box really looks beautiful. The phone, too. Thanks for the link 😀

          • I think there are different boxes of Nokia 3.

          • Interesting…

          • Viccky maurya

            Wow, great!!! Btw missing Blue Box…

        • Even I didn’t understand what was he speaking LOL.

          • Viccky maurya

            Same here…😂😂

        • I think we will get a different box for Nokia 6 🙂

      • Sorry 🙁

  • Viccky maurya

    I think 100th comment is mine…😊

  • Tanvir Ahmmid

    Please give solution for update Nokia 6 ta-1000 in any country

    • If you have a 6 with custom ROM, there is no solution but to wait for a root method and manually install the software