Unboxing of Nokia 6310i (2002) while waiting for new stuff

While waiting for the unboxing of the reannounced Nokia 6310, let’s check how the original Nokia 6310i was shipped to the market. Nokia 6310 was marketed as the ultimate phone for the business community. It was bringing Bluetooth, GPRS connectivity and limited Java apps, which was super-advanced for 2002.
I like how Nokia used its boxes to promote everything important for the phone, and even some additional accessories that you might want to get. Nokia was just shipping the phone, charger, large format user guide and CD with the software needed for connecting the phone with computer. maybe the best thing about the box is the little slogan, and Nokia 6310 was coming with Timeless design, advanced technology, and since 6310 is being revived, that design is truly timeless.

The phone itself had a premium design with a good quality plastic body. The 1100 mAh battery was removable, but it was custom designed for 6310 since it was incorporated in the back cover. The phone was built in Germany since true businessmen appreciated the German precision ?.

With this phone, you were even able to send e-mails, probably short ones since it was hard to compose any kind of longer text using the T9 keyboard. You had some basic apps like world clock, converter, and there was Snake and Bumper games.

Do check out the video:

Retro Unboxing