Nokia 125 & 150 launched in Nepal

Nokia Mobile made the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 available in Nepal. Both feature phones were launched back in May this year, but shipments in some countries got delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, logistics is no longer a big concern, so we might also see the device debuting in some other countries soon.

There is really nothing special with these devices, aside from the long-lasting battery life perhaps. Neither of the phones even supports 3G or 4G, but its not like a problem for countries like Nepal where 2G networks are still widely available. Both phones also have a 2.4-inch TFT display, while the body is made out of polycarbonate plastic. In total, it’s just a pretty standard set of features for all the recent Nokia feature phones.

However, what differs the Nokia 150 from the Nokia 125 is its “0.3MP camera” with an LED flash. The Nokia 125 doesn’t have that, instead, it only has LED at its back for flashlight use. Inside the handsets is a MediaTek processor, running S30+ basic feature phone OS on its system.

As for the pricing, the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 were listed for only Rs. 3,099 ($26), and Rs. 3,650 ($30) respectively. It will become available right away in any official Nokia Mobile showrooms, and retail stores in Nepal.

Thanks, Branko 🙂

Source: Nepali Telecom