#Nokia teasing with TV ads in #India. Big brands join #MakeSnake challenge *UPDATED*

HMD’s marketing team, probably under the guidance of “Mother“, started airing interesting TV teasers in India on multiple TV channels. Yesterday, we reported that HMD started an advertising campaign online targeting customers from India with Nokia 3310 (2017) ads. The short TV commercials, or teasers, that show “Coming soon” message with the Nokia brand, while the iconic Nokia Tune is playing in the background. Check it down below.



In India, Nokia started a #MakeSnake challenge that attracted a lot of participants, including big brands that joined the challenge. For example, from the brands we have: Swiggy (food delivery app), Pepsi India, and McCain Foods India.




If you are from India, by joining the challenge you get the chance to win a Nokia 3310 (2017). Before posting your work, check the Terms and Conditions we put up above. We outside India can post, too, but we won’t get the chance to win the 3310.

The online and TV marketing strategy for Nokia phones in India seems well, for now. Our readers from India say that a lot of people got excited seeing the TV teasers, and the big brands joining the #MakeSnake challenge will surely help promote the Nokia brand across social media.

Thanks Rocky, Viccky and LoveNokia for the tips. 🙂

Update: The background Nokia Tune music seems to be from a YouTube video Nokia Mobile posted earlier this year.


Each time the teaser shows on the TV, there’s a different version of Nokia Tune playing in the background. Check a second version down below.

Update 2 (11th June):

Ajey Mehta, President of HMD India, shared all four versions of the TV teaser via Twitter. Take a look down below.