Video: Nokia 7 or 8 exposed on promo video?!

An interesting video popped up on Vimeo, and it shows the current portfolio of Nokia Android devices plus one more with dual camera setting.This video was brought to attention by mega leaker, Evleaks, and it shows probably Nokia 7 or 8. The device looks similar in size to Nokia 6, even though the screen could have a bit smaller diagonal. The devices body will be available in the same colour range as the other three phones as video suggests.


Check out the video

Now, it is right to ask if the video is just another concept done by very creative individual. It seems that the creative individual behind this video used to work for Nokia, and have created official introduction videos for Nokia 3310 (2017), Nokia 150, Nokia Lumia 1520, Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and many other. The authors name is  George Chevalier Lewis who used to be Head of Brand Photography in Nokia till the end of 2014.

So, the source seems to be reliable enough, and shown phone realistic. What do you think?

Update: YouTube Link

  • God of chaos

    It could be a really nice concept video, but if Evan Blass is backing it up then it’s probably legit. BTW I love the music in the video!

    • Dude that made the video worked for Nokia and developed intro videos for 3310 and 150, so it seems legit
      And, since it has been pulled from Vimeo, definitely makes this phone plausible

      • This means the launch is closer 🙂

        • Definitely, but that could potentially weaken the sales of Nokia 6, if many decide to wait a bit more for dual camera phone if the price is right.

          Anyway, i say bring it on 🙂 This phone should be available much sooner at the market if they want to grasp the summer smartphone buying frenzy.

          • Nokia 6’s sales won’t be affected much because the price difference will be more than double. 😛 People who are just buying Nokia 6 because they want the best from Nokia will wait for Flagship if they launch it. And mid rangers sell much more than the flagships 😛 But sales of Nokia 6 Arte Black will get affected more LOL