Video: Check out Nokia Kataya’s awesome UI animations

Nokia Kataya is a prototype device that recently surfaced online running on an unknown software platform from Nokia. Thanks to pictures from an eBay seller that was selling the device for $1,500, we can put the device somewhere between 2007 and 2010 looking at the UI. The photos also show “Built on Krakatau” and “Designed in Oulu” labels on the box.


Now, LoveNokia received a video showing the Nokia Kataya UI in action. We can see a lot animations, and it looks cool. Such “designed inspired from real life experience” was a core principle in Apple’s early iOS versions. Steve Jobs said that the UI elements on iOS were inspired by real-life switches, textures and other details to make the UI more familiar to the user. A lot of animations were also present on HTC’s SenseUI, so we can say that that was the sign of the times then.

Will such animations work today? Maybe, but considering Google’s Material and Microsoft’s Fluent design languages ask for simplicity rather than exciting animations, it probably wouldn’t work today.

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