Video: Nokia 3.4 shows it’s faster against Samsung Galaxy A02s (by Vy Vo Xuan)

The Nokia 3.4 is one of the newest devices from Nokia Mobile’s portfolio targeting the budget segment. With great design, color choices, clean OS and affordable price point it was surely took into consideration by many looking for a device on budget. We did describe it as “limited” in terms of performance, but the Snapdragon 460 SoC does show it speed against a competing device, as can be seen in a video published by Vy Vo Xuan.


Vy Vo Xuan compared the Nokia 3.4 against the Samsung Galaxy A02s. The A02s uses Snapdragon 450, compared to Nokia 3.4’s Snapdragon 460, and does come with less RAM, which makes the comparison even more in favor of the 3.4. The prices are quite similar, with a 10 dollar difference.

Nokia 3.4 does beat the Samsung in the speed comparison and I did like the video and photo results from Nokia more, though it was a matter of the color tone you prefer. I was also shocked to see how much better Samsung handles video zooming. With both devices coming with the same sensor (in terms of resolution), Samsung does pack better zooming software.

Our Abdulla also did a video review of the Nokia 3.4, so you can check it out down below if you like video more than text. It’s also important to mention that the 3.4 suffers from a nasty camera bug that should be fixed soon, but in the meantime there is a temporary fix for it that users can do by following the instructions here.