Video: Unboxing and review of Nokia 3310 (2017)…clone!

Nokia 3310 is just around the corner, and I believe I do not exaggerate if i say that Nokia fans are properly excited to own this legendary model once again. But Nokia fans are not the only one happy about the return of 3310. Even Apple fans want it because it is cool, unlike their beloved iPhone. But, since Apple fan is, well, Apple fan, they bought a brand-new Nokia 3310 (2017), much before any Nokia related site/blog did, and made an unboxing video which you can check below.


Well, to do the review of a real product you should wait for one to be available in the market. It can happen to everyone, but it is rather surprising how HMD couldn’t deliver 3310 (2017) much sooner to the market, while copycats did. We can find lots of posts about the Nokia 6 or 3310 being available and in stores even though HMD Global still didn’t ship the devices to the market. I am really impressed how well they copied 3310, even though the back is missed by a football stadium. This particular phone came from Malaysia where the fakes were spotted first few weeks ago.

I am aware that excitement is sky high here, but if you really want to own Nokia 3310, or even Nokia 6 (5 or 3), you should inform yourself first and watch for official statements of the phones being available in your country. Otherwise, you could end up being scammed like this guy in the video.