Rumors: #Nokia 9 coming with #Snapdragon 835, Dual #ZEISS camera, Iris Scanner, 3800mAh battery, IP68…


It is hard to write any kind of news about new Nokia phones today, especially when we know that Mr. Elop is behind all of this (ha ha). Upcoming info is not a joke. Seriously! NPU received a tip which extended a bit the hardware specification list of Nokia 9, the alleged flagship model that HMD is planning to present this year. The latest addition is Iris scanner that we saw first on the Lumia 950, and OZO Audio technology, that Nokia presented few months ago. While Iris scanner is a cool feature to unlock your phone, OZO Audio will give the Nokia flagship ability to create perfect audio while shooting video, just like the €40,000 VR camera does. You can find the demo of the OZO Audio here.

The full hardware specifications that the source sent are:

  • Screen: 5.5-inch QHD OLED Display
  • Processor: Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540
  • Camera: 22 MP Dual-Lens, Zeiss
  • FFC: 12 MP FFC
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Memory: 64 GB / 128 GB storage
  • Battery: 3800 mAh, Qualcomm Quick-Charge 4
  • Safety: Iris Scanner, Finger-Print Scanner
  • Audio: Nokia OZO Audio Enhancements
  • Water resistance: IP68 certification
  • OS: Android 7.1.2 Nougat

The addition of the OZO Audio enhancement seems logical since Nokia is closely working with HMD on the development of the flagship model. It will definitely help the phone to stand out of the numerous competition, and simultaneously help promote the OZO brand and technology. I would personally like to see bigger screen on the flagship model since it is obvious that Google is pushing 2:1 ratio of the screen and believe HMD should follow that trend. Also, mobile phones today are mostly about getting the information from the Internet so the big screen helps improve the productivity and usage of the phone.

The leaked sketch

Moreover, this is the fifth time ZEISS is mentioned in the context of upcoming Nokia devices. We recently saw an alleged sketch of a phone with the Dual-lens ZEISS-branded camera , of which some details were shown in the official Nokia Mobile video describing the design of new Nokia Devices. The video features Raun Forsyth, HMD’s Head of Design, who previously worked for Nokia in the “Advanced Design” division. Considering his background and the job the team did with 3, 5 and 6, we could be optimistic about the design and features of upcoming Nokia-branded flagships.

What do you think? Can a Nokia flagship with such specifications make an impact on the market? Tell us down below. 🙂


Samsung Galaxy S8: An opportunity for Nokia flagship

  • A device with those specifications and a good design would be really competitive on the market.With good marketing it could take some buyers from the S8, but I think more that the real competitors would be Huawei, LG, HTC and Sony. Samsung is simply too big, at least for now.

    • Michael

      Couldnt have said it better. If they are going to put out a flagship they have no choice but to come to market with their A game. Priced competitively with Huawei and they will have a winner. It will be interesting to see which sites will remain Samsung biased if this phone meets or exceeds the S8 in overall performance.

    • “Samsung is simply too big, at least for now.” I don’t agree. What makes Samsung bigger than Nokia?? 🙂 Samsung achieved this status only because Nokia was absent. Samsung couldn’t even compete with Nokia in Windows Phones. And talking about the present day Samsung is now afraid. Eg: Using 3000mAh/3500mAh batteries to avoid risk of another Note 7. They didn’t want to take risks this time 😛

      • That is true that Samsung is affraid, but Samsung did achieve their status while Nokia was still strong and pushing highly competitive devices in a matter of hardware. Software is another thing and because of software Samsung is today No1 seller.

        • Samsung isn’t number 1 seller only because of hardware and software. I know many relatives who bought a Samsung because they had no choice. They don’t want phones from new Chinese companies. They don’t trust LG, HTC, Sony because they feel the after sales service will be a problem. 😞 Many tech related youtube channels in India will review Chinese phones and recommend them because they have good specs. But, they wont recommend LG, HTC and Sony because they have low specs. But in case of Samsung low specs are OK and they recommend them. 😂

      • Samsung manufactures a lot of smartphone components, that they sell to others. They’re not just making smartphones, but almost all things inside the phones, too. They sell most feature phones and smartphones on the market, and have huge government support and good industrial spies. You’re right with the batteries, and I agree, but the S8 will still sell a lot.

        • Yes, I know how big is Samsung. 😊 And when I first saw it on youtube, I was like “WOW”. ColdFusion makes great videos. If haven’t seen their video check it out. Its very nice.

        • Nothing is too big to achieve. 😊 Nokia can do this 😊 Nokia has a natural super power called “FANS”.
          “We, the Nokia Fans”

  • The specs are solid. This will be an amazing device. 🙂 The best features aren’t SD835 and 6GB of RAM. For me the best feature is Nokia OZO Sound Enhacements (assuming its for audio recording similar to HAAC mics) and Zeiss Camera 🙂

  • PlanetNokia

    What do you guys think of the 5.5 inch screen? Any thoughts?

    • 5.5″ screens sux !! As a classic user, I like screens with max 5.0 ” !!

    • I prefer larger screens because more content can be placed there and that is he purpose of future smartphones. 6 inch is diagonal for me 🙂

  • Gagi990
    Mislim i ako je ovo sam korisnik zamislio, mislim da ce bas tako slično izgledati Nokia 9.