Leak: Stephen Elop is behind #HMD Global!

Wondering around the Hall 3, friend of mine, that was lucky to be at the MWC2017, which was held at the end of February in Barcelona, stumbled upon a familiar face. If you don’t know the person from the header photo, it is Stephen Elop, former CEO of the Nokia or popularly called the Trojan Horse. Well, if you are not acquainted with the recent history of Nokia, you should definitely google it a little bit, but I can tell you that Elop was held responsible by many for the ultimate fall of Symbian and the sudden death of the very promising MeeGo OS.

So, my friend was wondering what was he doing so close to Nokia’s booth, and he asked me if I knew something. The whole crew of Nokiamob started asking around and we managed to pull out some very interesting info that relates Elop to HMD Global.


It seems that Mr. Elop has the majority stake in Smart Connect Lp, the fund that is standing behind HMD Global. I wondered for a long time, why was it so hard to find who holds the money that arranged the return of Nokia devices to the smartphone market. Now, things are getting much clearer. If you remember, Elop stepped down as CEO of Nokia in 2013 and was rewarded for doing that with a 24 million € bonus. His arranged severance pay was around 4 million €, but since he left Nokia before the end of his contract, that sum was substantially higher. After that deal, he went to Microsoft where he was head of Microsoft Mobile Oy. We all know how that story ended, and after it Elop went to the isolation. He became the CTO of the Australian operator Telstra.

Obviously, Luxemburg’s Tax Ministry document that came from a trusted source shows that Elop still feels the connection with the smartphone industry (or guilt), so he invested a lot of money into HMD Global to bring back something he directly or indirectly helped to put down.

My feelings are divided here. I am glad to see the Nokia brand back where it belongs, but having Stephen Elop behind the wheel makes me think we will see Nokia fall once again.

  • PNHD

    1st of april, yeah right

  • Rocky

    Never trust news posted 1st April 😜

  • Mamed

    I came down straight to comments first. Guess I save my time 🙂

  • I think he doesn’t like to be called “Trojan Horse” and he has realised his mistakes. He destroyed so many hearts at once 🙁 and so now he is trying to bring back the legend 🙂 I hope its what i think and not some other big bad plan again. 🙁

    • Just opposit, he loves to be called Trojan Horse 🙂

      • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

        How could you possibly know?

        • Man, the things I know could blow your mind. I’m joking, and everything related to yesterday’s post was a joke, like this comment. 🙂

          Actually, Elop was offended by this nick that Nokia community gave him.

      • OH No man. You fooled us lol 😛

  • God of chaos

    Goddammit, I actually fell for this. You shouldn’t mess with my feelings like that!

    • PlanetNokia

      God doesn’t need a dam… He can walk on water.

  • Dheeraj Lochab

    April 01 joke would be better than this turning real..

  • Guys, we are coming to the end of a day here so it is fair to say that this was the April fools’ day post :).

    The truth is that severance pay of Mr. Elop was 22.4 million €, not just 22 million. Everything else is valid :)… Just kidding.

    Cheers for enduring this.

  • Rocky

    It would be better if the news was “Nokia acquired HMD Global” 😀

    • Then I would be fooled also 🙂

    • God of chaos

      Just give it time…

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