#Nokia demoed the #Nokia #OZO audio quality in the latest demo video

When you invest specific amount of money and man hours into your product, and want to see it succeed, the standard protocol is to promote it in a best way possible. This is exactly what is Nokia doing with its OZO camera, and it is doing it perfectly.  Nokia recently published a new video on its YouTube account where it demonstrated the sound quality that OZO VR camera captured. They were recording the sound in 360 inside music studio and in skate park. You can easily hear the difference when the OZO Audio is on and off. Sound is rich and you can easily hear things that are behind and in front of the OZO. Well, OZO is a 360 camera so it is obvious that it will record the sound as it records the video. Also, remember that Nokia developed the HAAC microphones that has been used in Lumia devices, so the great sound quality isn’t surprising.

Ok, I’ll stop writing and will let you hear it for yourself. Put on some good quality earphones on and enjoy.

Thanks Idiot for a tip 🙂