Video: Hands on #Nokia 3

Nokia 3 is HMD’s lowest end Nokia-branded Android smartphone coming at a price of just €139. The device has an impressive design and built quality, and other interesting features we covered here. The 3 was announced alongside Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and 3310 – we covered the whole announcement here. Down below, take a look at some Nokia 3 hands on videos.

Gadgets 360

GadgetsToUse (in Hindi) (in Italian)

Engadget: Nokia 3 & Nokia 5 & Nokia 6

CNet: Nokia 3 & Nokia 5

Official Video

Nokia 3 looks very good for a €139 device, and it’s expected to go on sale globally in Q2 this year.

  • Hemedans

    Why mediatek? Am dissapointed, i thought they will use sd425.

    This means people will start to complain about malware all over the internet, forced ads, virus, no updates, no custom rom etc.

    • The use of Mediatek processor is a bit disappointing, but spec vise we need to see first tests. Nokia promised that the Android will be secure and fast, so there should be no problem l with malware… O also expected a Snapdragon processor there, but to reach that price this was probably the only solution?.

      • you know what. I am getting over my anger and now i am starting to like the designs of Nokia 3 and 5 after watching the video agaion and again. You guys weren’t at MWC? The other team of yours?

        • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

          Why that anger? I think they are good products for their price range (in fact, within the great brands, they are the best)…

          • i am not angry lol

          • yes lol. I am not angry any more 🙂 Nokia 3 has Nokia Lumia 925 esque to it. Nokia 3 is the most beautiful of all 3. 🙂

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            I totally agree.

    • Rce

      And then with this it’ll fight against redmi 3s,redmi note 4,moto g turbo etc..