Android 10 rollout to start soon for Nokia 8.1

Last year the Nokia 7 Plus was a model to test the beta version of Android Pie. A year later, the testing model was its successor, Nokia 8.1. The Beta Test is now almost overs since Nokia Mobile is planning to release the full version of Android 10 for this phone. The update won’t be released globally, just for selected markets and that we’ll know when it starts popping up on 8.1’s. To get the full version of Android 10, your Nokia 8.1 will have to run either the official Android 9 Pie or one of two Beta releases for the Android 10 (V4.070 or V5.070).

Also, Nokia Mobile recommended to the owners of 8.1 running Build 3, to update their devices to Build 5.
The owners of Nokia 8.1 will be among the first to officially run the full version of Android 10. Get ready guys ;). If you want to know which Nokia models are getting the Android 10 later on, click  here.


Source Reddit


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