Nokia G21 Review: Nice and Simple (Video)

Nokia G21 in Nordic Blue
Nokia G21 in Nordic Blue

Last year in April, Nokia Mobile announced their new naming scheme which came alongside a new devices strategy. Gone were the points and dots, and replaced with a more SEO-friendly alphanumeric combination; With C, G, and X. While we as tech enthusiasts should be looking out for their X offerings, G is perhaps the new heart of the business strategy as the brand continues to transition from a feature phone dependant business, into a smartphone reliant one. Last year’s G20 wasn’t exactly a very balanced device, favoring battery life longevity perhaps too heavily with performance taking a backseat. This year’s G21, and by extension, G11 doesn’t make such a compromise anymore. The UNISOC T606 might not win any benchmark tests, but it is significantly more powerful than last year’s Mediatek G35. But as a whole package, what can you expect from the G21? Here are my thoughts after using the device as my daily driver for the past 10+ days. 2 SIM cards, no SD card inserted, and with the 4/128 Gb version.


The V-Notch Big Chin Combo is back
Textured Finish is a nice signature move
Textured Finish is a nice signature move. AI Camera text not so much.


Here are a couple of image samples captured with the 50Mp main camera. The images have been resized so do keep that in mind:


So now that the reviews of the phone are out, what are your thoughts on the Nokia G21? Which aspects do you like, dislike, or really wish were different? Share your thoughts with us below 🙂