A fan-made #Nokia 3310 render is close to the real thing

Long-term Chinese Nokia follower and leakster Nokibar (@nokibar) made a render of the new Nokia 3310 based on the information we already know about the device. Nokibar took the original 3310 as a foundation for his render, and adapted it with elements from Nokia 150, following the information that has been leaked.


VTechgraphy, the blog that first reported about Nokia 3310, contacted their source, and the source said that the concept looks similar to the real thing. Additional information we know about the new 3310 are:

  • Its shape will continue the Nokia 3310 classic design language, but the will be thinner and lighter with elements of Nokia 150
  • Keys’ locations will be maintained but with the adjusted key size.
  • Multi-color body style, including colors like red, green, and yellow etc.
  • Screen will become larger and upgraded to a color screen. (2.4-inch QVGA resolution)
  • Series 30+ system

If this news is correct, we will know tomorrow at 16:30 CET when HMD is expected to announce new Nokia-branded devices.

Thanks LoveNokia for the tip. 🙂

  • Excited excited excited excited……. To much excitement in the air. Is there any way I can fast forward the time so that i can directly watch the launch event 😊😜
    I cant wait lol. I hope the phones are available to purchase from next week. 😊

  • Rocky Tirajean S

    The D-Pad and 4 button style look similar with a Nokia S40 phone, but i forgot the model name

    • I think Nokia 515 was the last S40 device

      • unfortunately yes 🙁 I really love the design of Nokia 515. They should come up with its successor. but at that price no one is going to buy it lol

        • Rocky Tirajean S

          Actually i never liked too much Nokia S40 since Stephen Elop to be CEO, they make the design too childish. Look at Nokia S40 from 2010 and earlier, the design really elegant. But that’s my opinion btw 😀

          • WhatsApp doen’t work on S40 of 2010 lol. I think Nokia X Series with S40 phones had new version of S40 that was supported by WhatsApp. 🙂 You can always change the look of S40 device by using themes. 🙂 I still have too many themes which i downloaded from themereflex.com on my Nokia X2-00 saved on my computer 🙂 These guys created very beautiful themes 🙂

          • Rocky

            I mean the design of devices, not the software 🙂

      • Rocky Tirajean S

        Not a recent device, I have to browse GSMArena to find it :), the S40 device is Nokia 6303i classic, except the numpad that resemble the 3310

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