Nokia Mobile has filed 575th design patent

Nokia Mobile has again submitted new design patent to the EUIPO office again. This latest application, design number 007732557-0001, was filed and registered on the patent office on March 6, 2020. This marks the 575th design patent for Nokia Mobile, including those they inherit from Nokia (NOK). There’s a huge possibility that this new design patent could either belong to one of the few devices we expected to see in MWC last month, or of a completely new device in works.

The graphics are hidden on the EUIPO page as requested by the applicant, so we can’t tell for sure. But we can still give a few guesses. Earlier this week, photos of the alleged Nokia 5.3 appeared online. So it is possible that this new design patent, together with other two submitted in the past two months, belongs to this phone model. However, it may also likely to belong to the Xpress Music phone, Nokia 400 4G, or perhaps, to the ever elusive Nokia 8.2.

Since MWC was cancelled this year due to Covid-19 scare, this urged Nokia Mobile to push back its smartphone event, but it also gave them some time to finish things up. Either way, the recent leak of Nokia 5.3 photo and this application for design patent is a definitive signal that Nokia Mobile is ready for the upcoming launch which is happening on March 19.