Nokia 9 Pureview disassembly video is out

After Nokia 8.1, or if you like 7.1 Plus, got disassembled, the next logical disassembly video is the one of Nokia 9 Pureview. We didn’t need to wait long for someone to do it. While some would enjoy its superb camera, others would rather see its internal parts. The guy behind YouTube channel pwrdbykyank is one of those guys that are willing to open the Nokia 9 Pureview up for the crowds, so here is his disassembly video of one of the most powerful cameraphones to date. It lasts almost 15 minutes but the guy will take you through each step of the disassembly.

I was astounded that pwrdbykyank dismantled the shown 9 Pureview before shooting this video, and he did a really good job putting it back together. Apparently, there is many adhesive that holds the Gorilla glass 5 protected back of the 9 Pureview, and you should be careful while taking it off so it doesn’t break. It looks to me that the thic layer of adhesive is responsible for the water tightness of the 9 PV body.

I like the first look you get on the 9 PV internals. The wireless charging coil is lying on top of the battery that has enough space to expand while charging, which is important if you want to avoid an exploding Samsung Note 7 scenario. The Penta camera setup is precisely embedded and surrounded by the NFC? antenna. Now we can get a good look on the ToF sensor and massive dual tone LED. I noticed that cameras are not centered in the dedicated holes which means that HMD needed to calibrate cameras of each produced unit separately to get the perfect penta shot. All 5 cameras are placed in one metal case and probably calibrated before the insertion in the body. But, that needs to be checked after the assembly, and that could be the reason why the production of this phone is demanding, and probably not as fast as the production of some other Nokia smartphone.

The structural integrity of the 9 Pureview is increased by 13 screws that are holding all the internal parts in the place. This kind of design is known from previous Nokia smartphones, and this is making them unbreakable even by JerryRigEverything standards.

After the plastic back that holds the wireless charging coils, NFC antenna, ToF sensor and LED off, you get to look the internals which resembles any other Nokia smartphone from the upper price range, except the minor difference in the number of camera sensors. The speaker looks big enough to reproduce good quality sound.

Nokia 9 PV has a cooling pipe that is placed under the battery, and its upper part is connected to the processor housing over the thermal paste, but some of the heat is transferred to the metal frame of the body.

I wonder if the cameras are working perfectly after the assembly. I know won’t be checking this.