Rumors: #ZEISS back with #Nokia – Will produce lenses for future #Android phones?


New rumors from China suggest a very unlikely story about the camera on Nokia’s new Android devices. Per rumour, upcoming Nokia-branded flagship device will feature a ‘ZEISS certified camera’. The unknown source also mentions Snapdragon 820, 5.2″ or/and 5.5″ 2K screen(s), metal body, that’s water and dust proof.

This information comes from a Chinese site, the translation to English says:

“Xialong 820 processor, and loaded Zeiss certified camera, respectively, with 5.2 inches and 5.5 inches touch screen, support 2K resolution, but also with waterproof, metal body.”


Is it possible that ZEISS will abandon Microsoft and again co-oporate with Nokia? Yes, why not. The partnership between Nokia and Zeiss was extended in 2012. With the acquisition of the ‘Devices and Services’ part of Nokia, Microsoft also receieved all phone-related agreements, including Nokia-Zeiss agreement.

This is #Nokia #D1C – #HMD’s first #Android smartphone?!

With the change in strategy, Lumia sales fell off the cliff, and the same happened for the money that Zeiss makes per sold sensor. Maybe Zeiss won’t extend the contract after it expires, and chose Nokia (or HMD) as the new old partner.

Previous rumors suggested that the upcoming Nokia flagship will indeed have a groundbreacking camera. The rumored Nokia P1 could have a graphene based camera sensor, which will be a big step forward in low-light photography.


  • Rce

    Now,that’s a great news for me and many fans out there..

    • I’m looking forward to that also, bud still I’m kind of skeptical about this info since it looks like something we all would like to hear. But, there is some truth in every info and hope that ZEISS will again go with Nokia, to fight Leica and Huawei and continue the legacy it once had.

      Who knows, maybe Zeiss will make lenses for OZO to.

      • Rce

        Exactly what i was thinking,Carl Zeiss must comeback to fight against Leica,and being a fan of Carl-Zeiss lenses and Nokia both,it’ll great moment once gain..