@Nokia RM-1187 just got certified in China. Is it #HMD’s first feature phone to be released?

Nokibar Nokia HMD RM-1187


New Nokia feature phone, marked as RM-1187, just got certified in China. This could turn out to be the first of two feature phones that HMD planned to release by the end of 2016. We already saw this phone under the Microsoft branding few months before. The design of this candy bar didn’t change much, except the logo on the front and on the back cover.

Check out the photos of the Nokia RM-1187:

Here are the specs of the device:

  • Dimensions: 118 x 50.14 x 13.45
  • Mass: 82.6 g
  • Band: 900 and 800 MHz
  • Screen: TFT, 2.4 inch, 240 x 320 resolution,
  • Cameras: Front Facing, Rear facing – CMOS sensor, LED Flash
  • Memory: 16 MB RAM, 16 MB internal storage
  • Micro SD Card support
  • Battery: 1020 mAh
  • Colours: Black, White, Cyan

Nokia rm1187 spcecs

The specs reveal that it is pretty much a feature phone, but upgraded one since it has two cameras and LED flash. Even though Microsoft is mentioned on certificate documents, it is likely that HMD and Foxconn will sell and promote this one since it’s housing Nokia logo.



  • PureView

    Well the keyboard look waaaay different.

  • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

    Is the end of the acquisition close?

    • What acquisition are you referring to?

      HMD and Foxconn already have rights to push feature phones. Nokia, and HMD also, will be able to push smartphones in the first half of September.

      • *Second half of October, to be precise 😛 30 months from Nokia-Microsoft aquisition finalization (25.4.2014.)

        • My mistake. I was thinking of that Nokia event at the beginning of the November.

      • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

        But the operation of HMD’s buying Microsoft’s feature phones business is not completed yet. For instance, if you go to Microsoft’s website you still continue to see their feature phones portfolio, and nothing indicates they were sold to HMD. The workers of Microsoft Mobile continue to work for MSF not for HMD.

        • Microsoft sold only the brand rights to HMD (Rights to use Nokia brand on featurephones for 10 years). The business unit is transferred to FIH Mobile (a part of Foxconn).

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            But who the hell will design the products? What I understood from the announcement was that the factories and support would be selles to Foxconn, but the engineers who design who design the products would now be part of HMD. Not HMD or Microsoft announced the closer of the transaction.

          • You are right about the transaction and the workers. We still need to wait for an official statement and a SEC filing (US regulatory). Most of ex-Microsoft employees will go to FIH Mobile (mainly factory workers) and some will go to HMD. HMD will design all of the products. For details we need to wait. They didn’t state much. http://nokiamob.net/2016/08/03/nokia-set-to-return-to-mobile-market/

          • HMD will design the products, Foxconn will make them, and distribute them. Everithing will be supervised by HMD (not Steve Litchfield), but also Nokia Technologies which has a seat in the board of HMD.

        • Exactly what Stipe1906 said, HMD has rights for Nokia brand, and factories with workers are transferred to Foxconn for approx. 300 million $.

    • For smartphones HMD needs to wait till 25th October. They will make an official announcement when everything is finalized. @Themightym

  • Emre

    S40 based?

    • Hm, I think S30. Not as smart as S40. It will be interesting to see how will they utilize those two cameras? Probably front one will be used to check hair and food debris between teeth.

    • Not mentioned, but I hope so. S30+ is a bad OS after Microsoft’s modifications.

      • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

        Whic are the main differences between the two and what did Microsoft changed?

        • So I reviewed Nokia 515 with S40 and the OS was a threshold between a feature phone OS and a smartphone OS (good camera algorithm, software for sharing, browser, apps). S30+ before Microsoft was a solid basic OS (less apps and less powerful than S40) for sub 50$ phones. When Microsoft came he abandoned S40. MS didn’t announce a single S40 device since 2014, and changed some fundamental things on S30+. Nokia Store for apps was replaced with useless Opera Store with no USEABLE apps. Excellent Nokia Browser was replaced with awful Opera browser. The iconic way of unlocking the device (Menu + * button) was replaced with a complicated solution. Recently I reviewed (for Croatian version of Nokiamob) Nokia 230. A 100$ with S30+ and I was disappointed 😞. I expected a evolution of the great S40 OS but was left with an almost useless phone – only good for calling.

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            I thought that the quality of the feature phones had been manteined. It seems MSF also f***** it. I never used a Nokia feature phone. But the apps from the Opera store are different from the ones of the Nokia store? And what about the Asha line? Do you think Nokia will revive it’s store and ancient services?

          • Hardware is good, but the software is not worth the price. Feature phones will always sell because half of the planet don’t have phones, and they will make some money for HMD, but I doubt they will do any bigger investments in S30 or S40 – so no apps or store for feature phones. I couldn’t download a single app from opera store (always an error) and what has been the biggest disappointment: You need a SD card for browsing web with graphics (photos). If you don’t put a card, you cant install apps or see pictures in the browser. Catastrophism. They will focus on bringing low-end good-quality Android devices (something they did with Lumia 520, but it will be harder cuz Android) to more people that don’t use smartphones or even phones. I think Asha is dead. No Asha Touch device was announced since the Nokia-MS deal. Instead of Asha they will try with cheap Androids. That’s my observation and thoughts, but I can be wrong. HMD could surprise us with a new advanced S40(+) OS, but it wouldn’t be a good investment.

          • Hemedans

            and one important thing you can not install java apps in msft s30 feature phone