HMD getting ready to launch new phones

HMD Global, now Human Mobile Devices, celebrated its seventh birthday in early December. Lars Silberbauer, HMD’s CMO, hinted at upcoming phones for early 2024 in the celebratory announcement, though no new device was unveiled.

Expected reveals include the debut of a proper HMD smartphone, a potential new Nokia device, and the confirmed release of the Nokia XR21 without the Nokia brand.

As per FCC documents, HMD is preparing to sell the XR21 without its recognizable branding. The FCC’s change declaration notes identical hardware and software to the TA-1486 or Nokia XR21, with only the model number TA-1592 and the absence of the brand being new.

This suggests HMD’s intention to offer the resilient XR21 to interested parties without the Nokia branding. Well, this somewhat makes sense since XR21 is the only phone so far whose assembly is completely done in Europe, most likely in Nokia’s old assembly line in Hungary.

One thing I would suggest to HMD is to integrate an e-ink display at the back for a quick logo change with new partners, introducing innovation to the smartphone industry.

Cheers to Luke for the tip.