Lumia is dead, long live Lumia.

We all know the story of Nokia’s Devices and Services department and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. This story could have been different if Microsoft had wanted to develop hardware as well as software. In fact, software and hardware should have been developed to give the user a memorable experience.

When Nokia was still in charge, the Lumia phones were memorable. Back then, the operating system was WP8.1, the best if you ask me, and Nokia invested a lot of R&D in developing additional software experiences. The combination was great and probably offered the best smartphone experience at the time.

Then Microsoft tried to do it its way and the result was the Surface Phone, discontinued many years later. The idea was great and it was a shame to abandon it, which is exactly what Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, thinks. He said that Windows OS for smartphones would have been an opportunity to make the Microsoft ecosystem even better.

But that doesn’t mean Microsoft will revive the Lumia brand or return to the smartphone business. And I do not think it should. Microsoft had an opportunity and it squandered it. Maybe it’s best to keep some things where they belong, in a memory brought to life in projects like the MobilePhone Museum. reviving it could go in an unwanted direction fully diminishing the value of the once glorious smartphone brand.
Even Motorola is struggling to keep its brand alive, and it is doing so by pouring a lot of money into it. But at least the Motorola logo is on great products.

Check below why was Lumia so loved!

5 Reasons Nokia Lumia Was So Beloved

I’ll close here with Lumia is dead, long live Lumia!