Unboxing of the 42’nd Nokia XR21 Limited Edition

The world isn’t just black and white, there are fifty shades of gray in between. However, this isn’t the case with the limited edition Nokia XR21.

Nokia Mobile has sent us one of the first fifty Nokia XR21 devices assembled in Europe, marking a significant milestone for Nokia Mobile as the first assembler of smartphones in Europe. This device stands out in a unique way.

Designer Miika Mahonen has transformed the plastic back of the device, giving it a Frosted Platinum color with icy shadows. It looks cool, although it creates a striking contrast against the black polycarbonate sides.

To add an extra touch of exclusivity, each of the fifty units, sold for €649 each, will be engraved with a unique serial number. I was fortunate enough to receive a device numbered 42, which holds special meaning for me at this stage of my life 😊.

The packaging is equally special. It features an outer box with a completely new design language, hinting at possible new colors for future Nokia and HMD devices. Upon opening with a pull tab, it reveals an inner black box with subtle cold-printed Nokia logos, the model name, and the country of origin.

The Nokia XR21 is manufactured in Hungary, although the exact location is not disclosed to the media for security reasons. Nonetheless, the assembly line seen in the promotional photos does bear a resemblance to the huge Nokia manufacturing site in the city of Komarom, Hungary.

The box is completely made of 100% recycled paper which is FSC certified. It contains a SIM door key, the new XR21 wrapped in thin paper, and a meter-long USB-C to USB-C cable. Now, it’s time for me to order that new Nokia wall charger if I ever find it in a store. It would be nice to ship the device with that Nokia-branded 60 Watt charger which is also made of recycled material.

Nokia Mobile also includes a certified authentic message signed by their principal designer, Miika Mahonen, with the device.

The device itself is identical to the regular Nokia XR21, with the only difference being the Frosted Platinum back with a pleasant shadow effect and the engraved serial number, distinguishing it as part of the limited series edition assembled in Europe.

Back in 2014, Nokia announced the closure of its Komarom plant, where approximately 1,800 people used to work. The primary reason for this was to streamline device delivery to the market by shifting assembly lines to Asia, as part of a global restructuring effort led by Stephen Elop. Now, nine years later, the production of certain Nokia devices is returning to Europe. I believe one of the last Nokia devices made in Europe was the Nokia N9, but feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

In any case, European-assembled smartphones are a welcome sight, and it’s fitting that one of Nokia’s toughest devices is leading the way.

Here is the super fancy unboxing of the Nokia XR21 Limited edition.

Hey, I didn’t have much time to create a proper unboxing video. Even Abdulla doesn’t have the time to make his super sweet Nokia device videos anymore. So, here’s the unboxing, with my older son as the main cameraman :). I tried not to yell at him not perfectly centering the frame. It’s a bit of ASMR, so feel free to give it a thumbs-down (as I did at the end of the video) if you don’t find it informative, hehe.

Nokia XR21 Limited Edition