Nokia Reclaims Spot in Top 10 Most Attractive Employers List

In a world where many companies are relentlessly pursuing profits, finding an excellent employer can be challenging. However, the definition of an ideal employer varies from person to person. Ideally, such an employer should offer competitive salaries, attractive benefits, stability and cultivate adaptable working conditions.

According to research conducted by Universum Finland, Nokia still ranks among the top five employers in the Finnish IT sector. Notably, Google remains the most popular, followed by Microsoft, which held the second position last year. Supercell takes the third spot, up from ninth in 2022, while Reaktor secures the fourth place. Nokia now occupies the fifth position on the top 10 list. Despite a dip in popularity last year, Nokia appears to have successfully improved its appeal to both professionals and students.

As the saying goes, ‘a company that hires a lot often fires a lot.’ However, Nokia seems to have bucked this trend, reemerging as an attractive employer, which bodes well for the company’s future. It’s reassuring to know that only four other companies are considered more attractive in the fiercely competitive IT industry.

How many of you are working in Nokia and do you find it to be a good employer?