Nokia negotiates job cuts in Finland

Nokia Building

In 2021, Nokia announced plans to reform its cost structure and reorganize its operations in Finland. As part of this initiative, the company recently started change negotiations that could lead to a reduction of up to 208 jobs across all Nokia sites in Finland. However, certain functions such as System-on-Chip (SoC) product development and Nokia’s production plant in Oulu are not included in the change negotiations.

Tommi Uitto, the head of Nokia’s Mobile Networks business group and the country manager for Finland, explained that changes in customer purchasing behavior due to the economic situation have led to the initiative to ensure sustainable and profitable growth in the long term. Tommi Uitto also added that these decisions are not easy, and the company is doing its best to support its personnel during this difficult transition.

Change negotiations can be challenging for both employees and businesses. The process can lead to job losses and business uncertainty, while businesses must balance their financial needs with their obligations to their employees. In this case, Nokia is taking steps to streamline its operations and improve profitability while minimizing the impact on its employees. Nokia has a long history of supporting its laid-off employees.

It is important to understand that Nokia is not alone in making these types of changes. Recently, many big names in the tech industry are grappling with the economic effects of the pandemic and the need to adapt to changing customer needs, leading to massive layoffs. Nokia’s decision to reform its cost structure and reorganize its operations in Finland is a proactive step towards ensuring long-term growth and sustainability.

Via: Evertiq