Nokia Mobile offers 12-months replacement warranty in Qatar

As I’m getting older, I’m finding myself less inclined to tinker with smartphone setups. Perhaps a decade ago, I would be tremendously excited when I acquired a new phone, eagerly transferring my SIM card and setting it up. Nowadays, while I still appreciate a new phone, the thought of the tasks ahead – installing and configuring all the banking and other apps I frequently use – makes me yearn for the longevity of my current device.

Thankfully, the trend now leans towards keeping smartphones for more extended periods, often three or even four years. Manufacturers are aligning with this shift, producing phones that are not only more durable but also easier to repair. While Nokia has long been known for the durability of its phones, Fairphone blazed a trail in terms of repairability. Recently, Nokia Mobile has made significant strides in this area as well, introducing its G series phones with enhanced repairability.

While Nokia Mobile may not match Fairphone’s seven-year warranty for its Model 5, it still performs admirably in certain markets. For instance, in Qatar, Nokia Mobile offers a 12-month Replacement Warranty, a pioneering move in the Qatari market.

This may sound impressive, but it also suggests that Nokia Mobile is cognizant of potential part malfunctions or assembly errors. Perhaps the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) producing phones for Nokia Mobile occasionally uses B-level components, making it more cost-effective to replace the entire device rather than risk customer dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, such issues are common in mass production, and Nokia Mobile remains dedicated to delivering products of unmatched quality and durability to its customers.

While I haven’t come across this warranty program elsewhere, I hold hope that it will eventually become a global standard.