Nokia X30 priced competitively in the UK

I have been using Nokia XR21 for three weeks now as a regular device, I have some things I’m rather fond of. The first one is the confidence that when I drop the phone it won’t break since it is durable as hell. The other thing is that I can enjoy watching Friday Checkout by TechAltair over loudspeakers when I’m too lazy to get earbuds since the sound produced is strong and crisp. I also like the smaller form factor which makes the device more ergonomically friendly.

However, the phone heats up pretty much when I play basic games, the screen is not as crisp as I expected it to be and the camera is just OK, nothing special. Actually, when I compare it with X30 which is considerably cheaper, I must say I miss using that device and I can’t wait to go back to it.

Don’t get me wrong, XR21 is a fine device, but not fine for the price Nokia Mobile is currently asking for it. Nokia XR21 is 200 pounds or euros more expensive than Nokia X30 which is also a durable device, waterproof and has an AMOLED display backed with an OIS camera that reproduces shots of the same or better quality.

This could be my review of XR21 but actually, it is an intro to the nice reduction of the X30 price in the UK. The device is now priced at £299.00 which is ridiculously low and you can get 10% extra if you sign up for news on products and discounts. You can use the link here to get directly to the store or browse around the store and find some other discounts.

Nokia X30 is a bit more expensive in the EU when compared to the UK (419€ vs 350€) but the price is still better than the price of the XR21 (599€) which only has a more durable body and a 120 Hz refresh rate of the display. OK, the main camera has a bit more pixels, but the X30 camera is also capable of doing nice shots.

I wonder if XR21 will have its clientele with the current price of an equally good Nokia X30. The hardware differences between those two are not that huge but the price difference is considerable.