Updates coming almost like crazy for Nokia phones

Nokia Mobile got quicker in releasing the latest security patches and Build updates for its smartphones. June patch has just been officially released by Google and Nokia Mobile is delivering updates for its phones. Many of you tipped and I can confirm some of them that new updates are available for Nokia X30, Nokia G60, Nokia G50, Nokia G11 Plus and some are receiving updates for Nokia XR20.

The only device that is slow with the updates is the Nokia XR21 which only recently got a June security patch but it is still running Android 12. More and more I use this device, more I start to appreciate X30.

Anyways, here is the sum of all the updates I could collect from the tips or phones I have at home:

  • Nokia X30 | July security patch | 101 MB | Available globally
  • Nokia G60 | July security patch | 31.21 MB | Available globally
  • Nokia G50 | Android 13 Build | June security patch | V3.320 | 103 MB | available globally
  • Nokia XR21 | Google Play patch | 10 MB | available in the US
  • Nokia G11 Plus |June security patch | 42.09 MB | Available in India
  • Nokia G21 | June security patch | 23.77 MB | available globally

Here are the screenshots

Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check for updates and install the latest security patch or other updatesAndroid Build update.

Update Tracker | Nokia Update Tracker

Cheers to ome, Danilo, Luke, AI reviewer, Mickey, fyah and all the other!