Nokia N900 was Magic | Nostalgia (Video)

Nokia N900's maemo 5 is magical
Nokia N900’s Maemo 5 was magical for 2011

The Nokia N9 is my favorite piece of tech from Nokia. But did you know that it actually had a predecessor that was also so far ahead of its time? The Nokia N900 wasn’t just another phone in the lineup; it pushed software boundaries no phone could achieve back then, thanks to Maemo 5. You can check out our video below:

I never actually owned one back in 2011. Instead, I had the more popular disaster known as the Nokia N97, so when it was time to feature the N900 I went in with a fresh set of eyes. I have to say, this is one of the most impressive devices I’ve covered so far in terms of how futuristic it is for its time. Hard to believe what Maemo 5 was capable of achieving in terms of multitasking and web browsing back then.

Nokia N900's hardware was very... prototype-y
Nokia N900’s hardware was very… prototype-y

The N900 is a device worth remembering, and I can finally understand why it had one of the most passionate communities out there supporting it and making sure it got all the apps it needed. It’s also another case of a massive opportunity missed by Nokia Mobile to fully utilize on. Maemo could have been the OS to thrive and become the standard alongside iOS instead of Android, had it received more love and attention equal to Symbian.

Have you owned a Nokia N900? Did you ever use or try it? Share your experiences with us in the comments 🙂