Oh, no… Google is introducing artificial intelligence in composing documents and e-mails

Google today introduced embedding an artificial intelligence component to its productivity apps, such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Meet, and Chat. According to their press release, thanks to something similar to the Bard chatbot, user will be able to complete tasks more easily and quickly.

The service will be available only to a certain group of testers in the US, and to be extended to other countries at some point later.

According to the statement, artificial intelligence will help you compose emails more easily, based on drafts, and will play an important role in summarizing and proofreading the text, and will also be determining priorities, whatever that means. The same applies to documents, where AI should play the role of an assistant for easier and faster completion of tasks.

Honestly, at this moment this sounds like bullshit to me, but considering that we have recently witnessed a rapid jump in the development of artificial intelligence, I will not judge in advance. However, as a person who receives dozens of important business emails and other documents on a daily basis, I have to express a certain amount of skepticism, considering past experiences with many companies and PR agencies that, in their desire to automate these processes as much as possible, they actually do harm, mostly to themselves.

When we consider the recent shame of Google’s Bard bot, I won’t communicate exclusively with machines on a daily basis, and I want to belive that my emails or messages will be read by someone alive.