Trakt – a tracking platform for easier and more pleasant watching movies and TV Shows

The offer of movies and TV shows has been great in the last few years, and while the movies are pretty easy to watch and track, it’ may be not the same with TV shows. Whether they are on different streamings, from the most popular Netflix to HBO, Amazon Prime, SkyShowtime, Disney+, etc. or you use some other sources, you need something that will make it easier.

Trakt is a platform that primarily serves to track watched movies and series. It works on two principles – through the so-called scrobbling, i.e. automatic recording of reproduced content or manual input. Netflix, Plex, Kodi and VLC are among the more famous ones when it comes to scrobbling, and with the latter you mark an individual episode or an entire season (or more) if you watched it before you started using Trakt. An additional functionality is to add to a collection, which means that you own the item in physical form, eg DVD, BluRay or VHS.

When a TV show or movie comes as a recommendation, you’d first probably want to find out about it, which is pretty easy since Trakt is connected to services like IMDB, TMDB, TVDB, JustWatch and Wikipedia.

Trakt is sufficient for most users as a free service, but there is also a VIP package. For €30 or €60 per year, depending on what kind of services you need, you’ll get the ability to edit your own lists, categories, annual reviews, stats, Plex integration, and more.

It is important to note that Trakt currently has an official application only for Apple devices (it is available to VIP Android users in a beta version), but this is not a problem since there are about twenty applications that can be connected to a Trakt account, among which we will single out CineTrak, Showly and SeriesGuide.