Unboxing video of the Nokia C12

The Nokia C12 is the first Nokia smartphone announced in 2023. As the series and model number suggests, it is an entry-level phone that runs the GO version of Android 12. With this phone, Nokia Mobile brings virtual RAM, which should give the processor a bit more memory, but it will work as long as you do not clog up the main memory with photos and mp3 files.

Here is the first unboxing of the Nokia C12 (TA-1535) which is a dual SIM model with 3/64GB memory arrangement in Charcoal colour.



RAM can be extended with virtual memory which is now advertised on the box. The Nokia C12 comes with 2 years of security updates, which is OK for an entry-level model, although the OS version will remain the same throughout the life of the phone.

The package includes everything you need. Do not be surprised if you see a battery (BL -29CL 2950 mAh) because the C12 has a removable battery. Besides the 5W charger, a micro USB cable (which is a shame as USBc is becoming more and more standard) and headphones, there is a silicone case which is a nice surprise.

The back cover is fairly easy to remove and that’s where you’ll find SIM and micro SD slots as well as the battery compartment. The phone ships with Android 12 GO, which means all the Google apps are pre-installed and some additional apps like Netflix and Nokia Mobile’s My Phone app. The phone seems responsive and the camera takes pretty good pictures in good light. Virtual memory can help keep more apps in the background to make the phone faster, but you’ll be sacrificing main memory.

The phone seems like a nice entry-level phone for those who do not need much, but just want some goodies from the smartphone world like WhatsApp and other useful apps.


Cheers riceguarian for the tip 😉