Nokia G300 disassembly and assembly video

Nokia G300 is an affordable carrier smartphone that was announced at the beginning of October. This phone is bringing 5G connectivity to the lowest price ever thanks to the Snapdragon 480 that the phone has. Other than that, the phone has a basic but large 6.52-inch LCD and a 4470 mAh battery that can be charged by 18W fast charging. The disassembly video posted by Techno Rabin suggests that Nokia Mobile didn’t save on the build quality since G300 does have a super-strong aluminium frame beneath the polycarbonate outer skin, just as other Nokia phones.

The disassembly starts by heating the backplate and taking off the protective inner cover that holds the motherboard in place with 11 Torx screws. After the cover is removed, all you need to do is disconnect many display, battery and camera connectors and take the radio cables out before you continue taking the motherboard.

The motherboard is placed on top of the aluminium frame and just below it is the battery. The battery isn’t held in place by pull tapes and it needs to be removed with a plastic spatula. That means it could be damaged in the process, and you might be needing a new one, so be careful there. Anyways, Nokia G300 seems to be quite easy to fix, so it won’t cost you much to repair it if you break something.

Check out how to assemble it, so you don’t end up with extra parts 😉