Nokia X30 charging slowed down with latest build

The Nokia X30 recently received the new Android 12 build, which brings new camera app features like Super Flash shooting and some under-the-hood improvements. While the new camera features are good and should make taking pictures of fast moving objects like my kids less difficult and the photos less blurry, the other improvements may not be so welcome.

Our reader MickyB Au has thoroughly tested the new build and found that fast charging has been disabled or at least slowed down. He uses an Anker charger that provides 33W of fast charging, which the X30 should be able to handle, so no problems are expected here. Micky said that the phone regularly disconnects the charger when charging from 50%. Fast charging should work at these battery levels. The app Ampere had shown over 5000 MA fast charge, but the charging speed was somehow slower. The reason could be some sort of electronics or battery problem on some models, but an explanation is needed.
I would not notice this for two reasons: I charge my phone overnight, although my X30 has not lasted all day lately, and I am not a particular power user so I do charge it after I come back home from work. The other reason is that I have not received the new build for my X30 yet (meh). I also think Nokia may have disabled or banned the use of chargers that are not original and could possibly damage the batteries, but that is unlikely. Has anyone else noticed slower charging with a QC 3.0/4.0/ PD 3.0 fast charger?

Micky also said that Nokia Mobile has played with the video algorithms in the latest Build and changed the quality of the video output. The videos are now darker than before. However, the phone seems to work better.

MikyB did some digging around and got confirmation of the charging problem on the Nokia community forums. Apparently, after the update to 00WW_1_310, charging is limited to about 8.5 W, with a charging power of 2 amps instead of the maximum 33 W. Both Ampere and CPU -Z state the battery technology as unknown, so it looks like it is limited to simple USB charging instead of fast charging regardless of the charger.

I am not sure if this problem is unique to MickyB’s Nokia X30 or if it is general in nature. Have you had any problems with charging your Nokia X30 lately?


Cheery MickyB for the elaborated tip. Do report back with news!