Microsoft integrates ChatGPT into Bing and Edge

Shortly after Google officially introduced its own AI chatbot Bard, Microsoft announced the incorporation of its biggest competition, and probably its inspiration – ChatGPT into the Bing search engine and the Edge browser. As one of the biggest investors in OpenAI, the company behind the development of ChatgGPT, Microsoft is apparently trying to use the situation to improve its own search engine, which could compete with Google in the near future.

Although Bing has 9% of the total market share of web searches, Microsoft expects that thanks to the ChatGPT system, it could earn up to two billion dollars for each next percentage point it gains. By comparison, Google will earn $42.6 billion from search in 2022, while Microsoft will only earn $3.2 billion.

ChatGPT is currently only available to a select number of users on the Bing search engine, while others will be able to use it over the next few weeks.

At Microsoft, they believe that AI chatbots are a crucial solution for the new era of internet search, and from Google’s reactions, it can be concluded that they also think the same, considering the speed with which they reacted to the success of ChatGPT.