WhatsApp is changing user interface and introducing chat filters

After a bunch of new features that WhatsApp has added in the last few months, it will soon introduce probably the most anticipated, Well, not all of us will be happy because there will always be someone who will find it ugly.
This design change follows the Material Design 3 UI guidelines, therefore the new interface will be a little bit modern. Those who won’t like it at first will probably get used to it as the time passes.
The new WhatsApp interface will not only bring a design change but also somewhat differently arranged menus and functions. That said, soon we will get chat filters at the top of the screen for easier management of conversations. According to what we can see in the image, above the chats there will be tabs with unread chats, but also those put into categories, i.e. personal and business.
The new version of the WhatsApp application will first appear in the beta program, so for now it is not known when exactly it will reach all users.