WhatsApp now lets you chat with yourself

How many times have you been in the situation of sending an e-mail to yourself? Probably a lot, and the reason for this could be a quick transfer of a file to another device or just a reminder of a task to complete. There are really many solutions for the latter, such as various to-do lists, Google keep applications, etc., but they can often be too complicated and require too many steps for a simple action such as taking a quick note.

Here comes WhatsApp with the possibility to send a message to yourself, and in a very simple way. For the initial message, you have to select a new chat and tap on yourself, and later the whole action boils down to simply selecting yourself from the list of chats and typing a message. Of course, that chat will also fill up after a while, and it might look like you’re arguing with yourself, but you can solve that problem by deleting messages, just like in other chats.