10 absolutley the best Sci-Fi TV shows on Netflix that you shouldn’t miss

In this article, we bring you the top 10 sci-fi TV shows of our choice, which you can watch on Netflix. Some titles are probably familiar to you, while others you possibly never heard about. Anyway, take a look at our selection and the descriptions should give you a solid insight into the plot.

If I hadn’t met you

You probably haven’t heard of this one yet. The reason may be the Spanish production, but due to the specific genre, it passed in the shadow of the mega-popular Casa de Papel. Very well-developed theme from the time-travel category, without holes that offend your intelligence, with a consistent, complex, but not too complicated plot. The series has only one season, and it seems that it was filmed with such an intention, i.e. not to become a soap opera like many others.


You’ve definitely heard of this one. It received numerous good reviews, both from viewers and critics. If you haven’t watched it yet, we definitely recommend that you do so. Bear in mind that the plot is quite complicated and you will really need to pay attention. The events themselves do not keep you in tension as much as in uncertainty. Fortunately, unlike other similar works, Dark will not leave you in doubt with a lot of open and unanswered questions, and if you didn’t understand something, it’s probably up to you, so watch that part again. The finale will certainly satisfy you, i.e. it will not leave you in doubt, which is often the case with many other similar TV shows.

Sisyphus: The Mith

First of all, it should be noted here that it is a Korean production, which may not be quite suitable for Europeans and Americans because it has a visibly different approach compared to Hollywood. You should watch Sisyphus only if you are a fan of the time-travel theme because as such it offers very interesting, but logical explanations of the paradox. On the other hand, some parts may seem boring, but we do not advise you to skip them or rush through them because you can miss important details that you will need later. Also, some scenes may be too caricatured, but we attribute this to the general cultural difference between East and West. Once you watch this show, and if you find it interesting, you may discover a whole new world of excellent Korean production that comes as a real refresher in the boring Hollywood scenes.

Archive 81

This one could be classified as horror, thriller, SF, or time travel. Personally, I would say that it is a combination of all that. Archive 81 is one of the few recent American SF TV shows that deserves a high place in the ranking, with extremely well-developed events, opening questions, and answers to them, with maybe a few parts that will not sit well with you, but who would please everyone? Although the series is supposed to get a continuation, i.e. a second season, its status is currently paused, but regardless, the ending is really spectacular, so maybe it’s better that the continuation doesn’t even happen after all.


This is the latest achievement of the German production, which became famous with the above-mentioned Dark series. So far, the first season has been filmed, but according to the information coming in, a sequel will follow, which, considering the end of the first season, is definitely necessary. The story is set at the end of the 19th century on a German ocean liner sailing to America. At one point, strange things begin to happen in it, from a call for help from a ship that disappeared four months earlier to inexplicable events that are partially unraveled in the finale. An exceptionally well-developed theme, as well as an excellent script and direction, will leave you glued to the screen.


One of the rare excellent American productions with the theme of alien invasion, life in those conditions, and the resistance movement. Also, it is one of those for which we concluded that the second season is better than the first one, and the third is better than the first two combined. Unfortunately, the fourth season has been canceled and many questions remain open. But, regardless, we think there is enough good material to watch all three seasons, and we never know if the producers will think of making a sequel, or some logical ending.

Lost in space

To avoid confusion, there is also a film with the same name, filmed some 30 years ago. The plot of the series is based on a similar but by no means the same story. We can say that Lost in space is another of the classic Hollywood SF works, which, however, did not stray into some Marvel waters. The plot may not appeal to all fans of space travel, but it is certainly more interesting than the various attempts to revive the Star Trek legacy.

To the lake

A post-apocalyptic action set in Russia, specifically Moscow, with the survivors’ attempt to find refuge far from the city. The very well-developed theme, top-notch script, direction, and consistency that does not insult your intelligence, combined with a quite good cast. Only the first season is available, which does not offer an ending but expects a resolution in one of the following ones. However, considering that it is a Russian production, which is currently under sanctions, we should not expect a continuation in the near future. Nevertheless, the first season is definitely worth watching.

The OA

Another TV show for which we can say that its second season is better than the first one. Surprisingly good script perfectly portrays the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds and continuous consciousness. From time to time, one can find a screenwriter’s excursion into artistic waters, but this will by no means hinder the superb experience of fans of this theme.

Stranger things

If I didn’t include this series in the list, younger readers would probably crucify me. The story is set in the 1980s, with a promising first season. However, the second and third seasons become somehow diluted, and many questions remain open. It seems that after the global success of the first season, the producer wandered off a bit and made the whole thing unnecessarily complicated, and took it in a completely different direction. We can draw a parallel here with the Matrix trilogy, in which the first part was practically perfect, but the second and the third parts spoiled it all.