Richgo Nokia accessories available in Australia via 4Fans

RichGo has an official presence in Australia through the distributor 4Fans. They have brought a number of Nokia products to Australia that includes power banks, car accessories, charging cables, and headphones.

The prices of the branded products are ranging from ok to overpriced. For example, Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3511 is nicely priced (119 AUD or 77€), and if you are a true Nokia fan like Adrian and Justin from Nokia Chronicles, you can get a Nokia car holder for 39 AUD or 25€.

The question is how 4fans will convince Australians to buy Nokia accessories instead of established names like Cygnett, Belkin, and Baseus, especially when those names are much more prevalent in the Australian market. What is cool, however, is the use of Nokia phones in advertising.

I would only buy it because it’s from Nokia though ;). If you are interested you can check out the store here